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Grow Your Business with the Mitel Applications Suite PSG Networks Mitel Business Partner.

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1 Grow Your Business with the Mitel Applications Suite PSG Networks Mitel Business Partner

2 8/6/2015 slide 2Mitel | Confidential Key Challenges FinancialStaffing Business Communication Operations Customer Focus Less Diversified Maintain Profitability with Fewer Resources Overhead reduction Sales & customer service Business continuity Accessibility High Degree of Responsiveness Sharing intelligence in a dispersed organization Peak calling times Calls to sales After hours messaging Advertising Effectiveness Service quality Relationship building Personalization Consolidate, simplify, standardize, protect and automate Your IT infrastructure

3 8/6/2015 slide 3Mitel | Confidential Mitel Speech Auto Attendant Mitel Teleworker Mitel Applications Suite (Release 1.2) Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging TM Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing

4 8/6/2015 slide 4Mitel | Confidential Mitel Application Suite Value Add Increased generation reduced costs decreased

5 8/6/2015 slide 5Mitel | Confidential MAS Mobility Teleworker Unified Communicator Mobile Mitel Applications Suite: Tailored to Your Needs MAS Multi-App Base (FULL) NuPoint Messenger Speech Enabled Auto Attendant Audio and Web Conferencing Unified Communicator Mobile Teleworker MAS Messaging & Conferencing NuPoint Messenger Speech Enabled Auto Attendant Audio and Web Conferencing MAS AWC Single App Audio and Web Conferencing Available for 3300 ICP Only Available for 5000 CP IP & Digital, 3300 ICP Available for 3300 ICP Only

6 8/6/2015 slide 6Mitel | Confidential Why Mitel Application Suite ? Competitive Differentiation Small 20 - 249 Mid-Market 500 - 999 Medium 250 - 499  Offer full set of UC applications on a single server  Consistent integrated administration  Consolidated end-user portal  Software only solution

7 8/6/2015 slide 7Mitel | Confidential Customized to Fit Your Needs Sales / On-site Service & Support Need to work both inside, or outside of the corporate network (customer site, supplier office, warehouse) Customer Service / Office Administrator Multiple support roles, main customer service and access point to the business Constantly on the go, work 24x7, require immediate access to corporate, customer, supplier information Knowledge Worker / Manager Remote / Home Office Multi-tasking, work from home after hours to support global requirements. IT Manager Multiple technology hats – voice and data, requires easy to install and manage solutions, do more with less Senior Executive

8 8/6/2015 slide 8Mitel | Confidential Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile  Seamless twinning of office desktop phone with mobile, home phones or any other number  Extends a range of common PBX features to twinned mobile  Access company directory, on-net dialing, business features from your mobile device Remain accessible regardless of location

9 8/6/2015 slide 9Mitel | Confidential Mitel Speech Auto Attendant  Facilitate 24 x 7 access to information  Improve productivity  Improves return on investment  A professional first point of contact with a consistent user experience

10 8/6/2015 slide 10Mitel | Confidential Mitel Teleworker  Extend employee availability and company accessibility  Reduce mobile and long distance phone charges for teleworkers  Secure

11 8/6/2015 slide 11Mitel | Confidential Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing  Reduce travel time and expenses  Eliminate costly hosted services expenses  Share sensitive information in a secure workspace  Track and bill client calls

12 8/6/2015 slide 12Mitel | Confidential Simplified Administration  Single web-based console –Consolidated system configuration and administration –Shared common data elements  Manage all applications, users and end points –exception Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing  Standard user templates enable quick user setup

13 8/6/2015 slide 13Mitel | Confidential Easy to Use End User Portal  Single User Interface –Provides employees a consistent experience across applications  One Stop for Users –Simple sign-on and set up –Twin mobile and desktop phone to ring at the same time –Turn off twinning in the evenings and on weekends –Password Management –Access to voice mail

14 8/6/2015 slide 14Mitel | Confidential Mitel Application Suite Software Assurance  End to end Software Assurance Coverage for MAS 1.2 for 3300 ICP and 5000 CP deployments  Upgrade from MAS 1.1. to 1.2, 13 months of free SWA coverage included  Simplified access to the latest software updates, new functionality, and regional access to technical assistance as applicable  Strengthen the value of the investment in a Mitel Unified Communications Solution with a focus on generating financial, operational and strategic returns. Mitel Software Assurance Lifecycle Cost Certainty, Service Improvement & Continued UC Evolution

15 8/6/2015 slide 15Mitel | Confidential Mitel: Enabling Business Success  Expand Business Capabilities  Save Money  Reduce On-going Management Costs  Enhance Customer Service  Increase Productivity Solutions that tie ROI to Concrete Results

16 Thank you The information conveyed in this presentation, including oral comments and written materials, is confidential and proprietary to Mitel and is intended solely for Mitel ® employees and members of Mitel’s reseller channel. If you are not a Mitel employee or a Mitel reseller, you are not the intended recipient of this information and are not invited to the conference, and cannot participate in or listen to and/or view the presentation. Please delete or return any related material. Mitel will enforce its rights to protect its confidential and proprietary information, and failure to comply with the foregoing may result in legal action against you or your company.

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