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Media Center Policies/Procedures Created by: Kristin Limbaugh Media Specialist.

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1 Media Center Policies/Procedures Created by: Kristin Limbaugh Media Specialist

2 Mission of TMS Media Center 1.Create an atmosphere where learning is nurtured and actively pursued. 1.Assist the students and staff in becoming proficient, engaged users of information and ideas. 1.Provide the print and electronic resources needed to support the schools academic goals and standards.

3 Media Center Hours The library is open Monday - Friday from 8:15 - 3:25 for students o 7:45 - 4:00 for teachers The library may have to be closed for staff meetings, conferences, testing, etc. A sign will be placed on the door if such events occur.

4 The media center will be open the first 2 days of school for viewing only. During this time, I will be printing out slips for any students who still have book(s) from 2012-2013 year. Beginning Monday, August 12th, I will begin conducting 30 minute media center orientations. This will go from Mon.12th - Fri.23rd. Students can begin checking out books on Monday, August 26th. During the orientation period, I would like to invite all ELA classes for a 30 minute session. ELA teachers need to e-mail me with times and dates for when it is most convenient for you to come visit. Orientation is STRONGLY encouraged. I would love to introduce myself and explain the policies/procedures for the Media Center and Computer Labs. Using the Media Center

5 Media Center Expectations Be Positive - Be Responsible - Be Respectful 1.Respect people in the media center, the facility, equipment, and materials. 1.Be responsible for own personal items as well as media center items. 1.Teachers and students must adhere to Acceptable Use Policies and Copyright Laws. Ask the media specialist if ever in doubt. 1.Be positive that together, we can make it happen!

6 Remember that this is primarily a place for learning. If you are acting in a way that distracts other from learning, you may be asked to leave. No outside food, drink, or chewing gum allowed in the media center. BYOT must not be a distraction to others and must be used for educational purposes only. Do not rearrange furniture, shelves, or desk equipment unless given permission by media specialist. 2 students are allowed at a time to be sent from any one class period. Call ahead if need to send more at a time. Using the Media Center Part 2 Student(s) MUST have a yellow pass from their teacher stating they are visiting the media center. No other form of a pass will be accepted. Student(s) will be sent back to their class to get a pass before returning. Only exception is on class visits. Then teacher signs in for his/her class. Student(s) MUST sign in immediately upon arrival in the media center. When student(s) are finished, the yellow pass MUST be signed by the media specialist before leaving the media center.

7 Do not leave textbooks on the counter, in return bin, or in the classroom. Every student is responsible for returning his/her own personal textbook. Teachers can schedule a class return day at the end of the year if needed. Textbooks Textbooks are checked out to students for school year. Please keep them in a safe place. Students are responsible for the specific barcode checked out to them. If brought back and has a different barcode, student stills owes a text book. If not returned within 1 week of due date, student is charged purchasing price of textbook. Teachers, please e-mail media specialist date, time, textbook title, and quantity when bringing class to check out textbooks. Only return textbooks to media specialist.

8 Circulation Policies 1.Students should know their lunch ID to check out materials. 2.The lending period is two weeks for most books. 3.Students may check out two books at a time. 4.Students are allotted 1 two week renewal per book on an as-needed basis, unless there is a hold for that book. 5.Students may place a hold on a book for 24 hours. If not checked out during that time period, book will be put back on the shelf.

9 Overdue Materials/Replacement Costs 1.A $0.10 fine, per book, will be accrued for each day a book is overdue. 1.Maximum fine is $5.00 1.Students must take care of overdue fines if balance is $1.00 or higher before allowed to check out new books. Student must at least get balance under $1.00. 1.Once student reaches $5.00 in overdue fines, book will be declared lost. Student is then charged the purchasing price of the book (including tax, shipping, and binding cost) and the overdue fines. Books cannot be purchased and brought in by parents for replacement. Media specialist will reorder the lost book. 1.Resource materials cannot be checked out, unless noted by teacher. Resource materials are checked out for 1 week. No renewals unless teacher speaks with Media Specialist.

10 Computer Usage Students are encouraged to use the computers for academic purposes. Students may play on media center approved learning games on Fridays. Up to 2 students are allowed to work on the same computer at a time. Students using the computers for purposes outside of the technology policies and school policies, will receive appropriate consequences, such as the loss of computer privileges. Length of time will be decided by media specialist. Students are not allowed to alter, uninstall, remove, add, or download to the computer unless approved by media specialist or teacher. Doing so without permission will result in loss of computer time. Students are allowed to print with the permission of media specialist or teacher. Students MUST ask first. Printing is only allowed for academic purposes. Black and white printing only. Teachers please specify on hall pass if student(s) will be using the computer. If no specification is given, student(s) will not be allowed on.

11 Using the Computer Labs 1.The computer usage policies still apply in computer labs. 2.All computers will be numbered. Teachers need to have a class roster with students already assigned to a numbered computer. The computer that is assigned to the student will be that students computer for the entire school year. If student is absent, computer should be empty. Students are responsible for their area and what happens in their area. After classes leave computer lab, media specialist will come check all computers. If anything is changed on the computer, or technology is damaged, the media specialist will discuss the matter with that particular student and teacher. Consequences for actions will be decided at that time. 3.Please provide media specialist with a copy of class roster and assigned computer before using the computer lab for the first time. This can be done via e-mail, or Google Doc. No paper copies. 4.Policies and procedures for computer lab will be discussed during the 30 minute orientation for ELA classes. 5.Computers labs are accessible to all grade levels and classes. Teachers MUST sign up in advance via e-mail stating time and date. *In near future, Google Calendar.* No same day requests. Computer labs can be reserved for entire day if discussed with media specialist first.

12 Using the Laminator Teachers are free to laminate on their own during library hours. For teachers library hours are 7:45am - 4:00pm. I am still deciding on where I feel the laminator will be best and most efficiently located. For the time being, it will remain somewhere in the media center where I can monitor its use. At the end of every day, when the media center is officially closed (4:00), the laminator will be locked in my office. This will cut down on the possibilities of it becoming broken or in need of some type of repair. Please ask for my help if you dont feel comfortable using the laminator, or need some assistance. :) Also, if you notice the rolls are getting low, please let me know.

13 Checking out Technology Carts Teachers MUST sign-up in advance for carts. This can be done by e-mail or in person request. *In the near future, by Google Calendar.* Do not ask the same day you need the cart. It will not be given to you. This is not enough time to ensure all items are charged and ready to go. Teachers will find a clip board with a chart of all barcodes that correlate with that particular cart. Teacher/student is responsible for writing the students name beside the items barcode that he/she are using. This way if something comes back damaged, I will know exactly what student to come find. o If you have the cart for more than 1 day, make sure the SAME barcoded item goes back to the SAME student that used it the 1st time. Please get in the habit of doing this. I want to make our technology last.

14 Mission Statement Carroll County Schools mission is to provide a premier learning environment, placing students first through quality and excellence!

15 My expectations for you... ~ I am here for you and your students. ~ I want to be as involved as possible. This goes with lesson planning, technology usage, and web usage etc. ~ My doors are open. I am here to help. Ask me. :) If we cant figure it out, we will find a way. ~ I dont want to know how things used to be or were ran. We are starting fresh. ~ Communication is key. ~ We are here for one purpose...the students. From the words of Scott Cowart and CCS Expect Success!

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