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Welcome Rhinelander High School Library Media Center Ms. Nan Andrews, Library Media Specialist Mrs. Michaels, Support Staff.

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1 Welcome Rhinelander High School Library Media Center Ms. Nan Andrews, Library Media Specialist Mrs. Michaels, Support Staff

2 Welcome! This slide show is an introduction to the policies, procedures, and resources of the RHS Library Media Center. We hope that you will find it helpful.

3 Library Media Center Hours 7:10 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M. (Fri. – close at 3:45pm)

4 Library Media Center Website Links for database online subscription services, Books, Destiny Library Catalog, Award lists Citation Guides Pathfinders Information Literacy links Link to the LMC from Rhinelander High School at: You will find:

5 What’s Available in Print Books –Biographies –Fiction –Short Story Collection –Non-Fiction –Reference Atlases Dictionaries Magazines Newspapers Rhinelander Daily News Wall Street Journal

6 Find A Book Click on Quest listed on our website menu. You can also use the Library Search tab to search by: Author Title Subject Keyword Series

7 To Access Your Catalog Rights Click on Login (top right) Type in your last name Type in your student ID for the password. You can change this password at any time.

8 Check it Out! Self Check out at the Main Desk Use ID Card or student number to check out books Renew books whenever you need to! Media Center MaterialLength of Check Out Books14 days Equipment 1 day

9 Limit Students are allowed to have 10 items checked out at a time.

10 Returning Books Return or renew your library book by the “due” date. Students receive due date notices –During check out –During Advisory (T, Th) Return your library book to the book drop in the Main Desk (Do not leave it on top of desk!)

11 If You Lose A Book Notify the LMC staff: –We will mark the book lost You will be charged: –Replacement price of book

12 When a Lost Book Returns Refunds are given for lost materials that have been paid for and later returned.

13 Student Passes to LMC Students coming from a classroom must have: –An pass signed by the classroom teacher –An assignment from the classroom teacher Students coming from study hall should have –A pass signed by the classroom teacher

14 Sign In and Sign Out Go to the lower level and sign in with the LMC study hall teacher Seating: two students at a table Purpose: assignment work or approved group work

15 Food and Drink Food and drink are not allowed in the media center.

16 Making Photocopies We have two printers – a black and white (Lan040) and a color (Ricoh420) Copies are free for class assignments

17 Lab Computers The Reference and Teaching Labs are located in the LMC. These Labs are reserved for students under direct teacher supervision. Students on passes to the LMC may not use these labs unless there is a shortage. Permission must be given by the LMC study hall teacher.

18 General LMC Computers There are 11 general computers and 10 Netbooks located in the LMC. The computers are to be used for educational tasks.

19 Printing in the Library Media Center Print only school and media center assignments. Printing Costs: All copies are free *Conserve ink and paper by saving to your home directory in My Documents, using USB flash drives, or your Google documents.

20 Internet Policy Internet users must adhere to the School District of Rhinelander Acceptable Use Agreement. Engaging in non- educational activities such as games is not allowed.

21 Headphones and iPods Personal electronic devices such as iPods and personal headphones are allowed. For educational purposes, headsets with microphones are available at the Circulation Desk.

22 Subscription Resources Connect to our information databases and tools via the Database Resources Page of the library media center website. Pick up a password flyer from the media center or ask a teacher for passwords: Database Resources Page Encyclopedias – World Book and Grolier Online JSTOR – academic journals History Study Center Opposing Viewpoints Learn360 – video streaming And More! Ask for a password flyer!

23 More About Passwords To remotely access online subscription service passwords, use: CITRIX login procedures located on the RHS or LMC home page.

24 Badgerlink Link to Baderlink from our Databases page. Badgerlink provides numerous information databases for high school students. For example:Databases Encyclopedia Britannica Online Literary Reference Center MAS Ultra (magazine and newspaper articles) EBSCOhost

25 In Conclusion… Be sure to ask the library media specialist and staff whenever you need assistance using the LMC. “ The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” --Dr. Seuss

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