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Welcome to the 4 th Grade Parent Partnership Night! YEE HAW! Welcome to the 4 th Grade!

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1 Welcome to the 4 th Grade Parent Partnership Night! YEE HAW! Welcome to the 4 th Grade!

2 Our School Choices… As a Clara Love Lil’ Texan I choose to  Show respect  Care for others  Help and not hurt  Love our environment  Do my best, be my best, and NEVER give up!

3 Fourth Grade Learning Procedures  All students must follow the NISD Code of Student Conduct  Be in your assigned seat/area ready to work by 7:30  Bring all supplies every day  Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself  Use appropriate language and actions  Follow directions the first time given  Walk/stand quietly in hallways

4 Learning Incentives  Positive reinforcement written to parent in planner  Six week celebrations and Preferred Activity Time (PAT )  Verbal or nonverbal recognition  Special privileges and individual rewards  Good notes and/or phone calls home  Pride in reaching your goal and a job well done

5 Student Learning Choices If students choose to not follow district, school or classroom rules and procedures, these are the consequences:  1 st --Warning (minor infractions) No signature The student is given the opportunity to correct inappropriate behavior  2 nd —The teacher will sign the student’s planner  3 rd —The teacher will sign the student’s planner, remove the student from the group, and contact the student’s parent or guardian  4 th —The teacher will sign the student’s planner, remove the student from the group and make a discipline referral to the office. Parent or guardian will be contacted.

6 Boot Scootin’ : 6 Week’s Celebration All Students will have an opportunity to enjoy the GOOD BEHAVIOR celebration at the end of each six weeks.  Students will not be allowed to attend if they choose to make negative choices during the six weeks period. Students that do not follow our behavior code will have notes sent home in their daily planner. (Signature consequences--Learning choices are cumulative throughout the six weeks.)  6 signatures in a 6 weeks – loss of 10 minutes during Boot Scootin’ Celebration  7 or more signatures – loss of entire celebration

7 The Workshop Model Fourth Grade will be using the Workshop Model for all academic areas. The Workshop Model consists of the following: Mini-Lesson: (10-15 minutes) This is the main part of the lesson where students are introduced to new concepts or strategies.  Workshop: (30-40 minutes) Students are actively engaged in experiences that allow them practice with the new concept. The teacher is helping students in small groups or conferencing with students.  Closing: (5-10 minutes) The teacher and students debrief and reflect on what they learned during the Workshop period.

8 Math and Science Active engagement is KEY to our Math and Science Curriculum.  Students will be introduced to a variety of concepts and strategies this year.  Parents can access our Texas TEKS on our 4 th Grade website on our 6 weeks Grade Level Newsletter.  Students will be taking the Math STARR Test in the spring of this year.  Hands-on experiences in the form of games and experiments will help students to grasp key concepts.

9 Language Arts and Social Studies Language Arts and Social Studies will be integrated this year as students begin a year long study about our great state of Texas.  Students will be engaged in daily creative writing experiences.  Students will delve deeper into reading strategies and concepts.  Students will learn about the state of Texas and the people that helped to make our great state.  Students will take the Reading STARR and the Writing STARR in the spring of this school year.

10 Homework-Yes we have it!  What are your child’s homework responsibilities? We expect students to do their best on homework. All homework should have complete, legible handwriting.  We encourage parents to help the children with their homework only after the child has tried to complete it on their own. What are the parent’s homework responsibilities? We feel that parents are the key to making homework a positive experience.  Why do we assign homework? Homework can be a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school. We will give homework to reinforce what we have been learning in class.

11 Library Days Return your book every week!  Ask your child his/her library day.  Students are responsible for taking care of all books that they borrow from our school library. Your child will be fined when books are lost.  Students can renew books if they have not finished reading them.

12 Special Areas and Conference Times 10:25-11:20 We are free to conference on the following days/times each week  Every Thursday and Friday from 10:25- 11:20.  Before or afterschool Monday – Wednesday

13 Parent + Child + Teacher = Success We are a TEAM this year. We need YOU to ensure the success of your child.  Please know that the fourth grade teachers are working to ensure that your child have a successful school year. But it WILL take more than the teacher.

14 We Need From Your Child… For him/her to do his best every single day  Your child needs to arrive on time  Your child needs to ask questions  Your child needs to be enthusiastic  Your child needs to complete homework assignments  Your child needs to have a GREAT attitude

15 We NEED from YOU… To help your child by…  Looking over your child’s homework assignments  Listening to your child read and ensure that his/her reading log is signed  Checking the planner nightly to make sure that the teacher has not tried to let you know of a problem OR a success during the school day  Signing your child’s planner every day

16 The 4 th grade teachers will be there for YOU and YOUR child this school year! We will go the distance for your child because we CARE!  We will keep you informed with Weekly Newsletters  We will let you know when your child is having difficulty by sending home their graded work with notes and suggestions  We will call you when we feel your child is having a problem socially, emotionally, or academically  We will show your child every single day that they are worth our care and effort!

17 Progress Reports Students will not receive a copy of the progress reports Students were sent a password home so parents can access the student progress reports and/or report cards. Please let us know if your child did not give you the password.

18 Thank you for coming today! Before you leave, please sign up for a conference day, date, and time. We will meet with every parent during the week of October 4 th from 3:15-6pm Or October 6 th from 3:15-6pm. Thank you for being part of our TEAM!

19 And remember… Here at Clara Love Elementary… We are blazing new trails and the FUTURE begins with us! See ya!

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