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Cane Creek Middle School

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1 Cane Creek Middle School
Library Media Center Orientation

2 Media Center Staff Mrs. Crenshaw-Media Coordinator
Mrs. Schulz-Media Coordinator Mrs. Laughter-Media Assistant Mrs. Knox-Technology Associate

3 Visiting the Media Center
Opens: 7:35 a.m. Closes: 3:30 p.m. Exception-History Day Projects

4 Media Center Policies are allowed in the media center.
1. No food, drinks or gum are allowed in the media center.

5 Media Center Policies 2. Enter/Leave the media center in a quiet and orderly manner. Quiet conversations are okay as part of your research. You will be asked to leave if you are too loud or just socializing.

6 Media Center Policies 3. You are allowed to check out up to three (3) books at a time. *You may keep the books for two (2) weeks (10 school days). *You may recheck books out if you are not finished reading them. Remember: NEVER give your book(s) to a teacher or another student to return to the media center---YOU are responsible for them!

7 Media Center Policies 4. Make sure you take a DATE DUE SLIP located on the circulation counter. *This date due slip tells you when you are to return your library books.

8 Media Center Policies 5. Books that are not returned on time will result in a library fine. *Fines are five (5) cents per school day. *If you are absent or school is closed due to inclement weather, no fine will be charged. You are responsible for returning your book(s)…don’t blame your teacher if you have an overdue fine. You are allowed to come to the media center during homeroom, with your teachers or obtaining permission from your teacher(s), and after school.

9 Media Center Policies 6. Lost Books: If you lose a book you will be charged the amount it will cost to replace the book. If the book is found, you may return the book to the media center for a refund. *If you damage a book, you will have to pay damage fees. **Wet books-If you return a wet book to the media center, you will have to pay to replace the book. Missing barcode: You will be charged $1.00.

10 Media Center Policies Magazines/Periodicals:
Students are not allowed to check out magazines. If you need to copy an article from a magazine or newspaper, ask the media center staff to make you a copy. Students are encouraged to come to the media center and read magazines and newspapers.

11 Media Center Policies Reference Materials:
Students are allowed to check out reference materials after school only. Books are to be returned during homeroom on the following day. If not, you will be required $1.00 per day as an overdue fine.

12 Media Center Policies Are students allowed to come to the media center without their teacher? YES! But, students need to have their AGENDA signed in INK by the teacher sending them to the media center. If the agenda is not signed, you will be sent back to your class.

13 How Do I Check Out Books? 1. Locate your book/books in the media center. 2. Take the book/books to the circulation desk. 3. Tell Mrs. Laughter your “NC WISE” number (6 digit number). 4. Take a date due slip and place it in the back of your book/books.

14 Media Center Policies 7. Computers-Student must have an Internet Agreement Form signed before using the Internet-NO EXCEPTIONS! *If you come to the media center on a pass, you will have to fill out the Internet book information. **If you are with your teacher, you DO NOT have to fill out the form.

15 Media Center Policies 8. Printing/Copying: Students will not be charged to print or copy materials when it is related to school work. *Always ask the media center staff before you print or copy any material. **Copy and paste, if possible, to help save paper and ink.

16 Media Center Policies Rules for the media center are posted by the computers. When in doubt, always ask FIRST! ?

17 Computer Usage Computers in the media center are for school-related research, word processing and PowerPoint only. They are NOT intended for or games. Computer Labs-Students are not allowed to be in any of the computer labs without a teacher! Students should never try to access inappropriate websites, this is against school rules and can result in loss of Internet privileges.

18 U. S. Copyright Laws Students are to ALWAYS abide the U.S. Copyright Laws! Give credit where credit is due! Students are to practice the “Fair-Use” Guidelines. Students are not allowed to bring DVD’s or VHS tapes to school.

19 Plagiarism Students are always expected to give credit where credit is due. This includes information found in print, non-print and Internet resources. If in doubt, always ask for help!

20 Battle of the Books Students are encouraged to try-out to become a member of the Battle of the Books Club. Students will be required to read 26 books prior to competition. The first meeting will be August 27th, during EYE TIME in the media center.

21 North Carolina Children Book Awards 2008-2009
Students will participate in the NCCBA during your 6th grade year. March 2009 you will vote for your favorite book.

22 New Book Displays Always check the table as you walk into the media center, countertops, and center bookshelves. Students are encouraged to suggest books to purchase for our collection.

23 Using “DESTINY”/ Card Catalog
Online card catalog. Title Peek-Shows the cover of the book How do you login to the computer? User Name: Your last name + Lunchroom/library number Password: Last 5 digits of your Social Security number or your birthdate (ex Make sure you logout!

24 Never Stop Reading! This year the media center staff will be encouraging you to NEVER STOP READING! The Media Center Staff is here to help you because we want every student to succeed at CCMS Media Center!

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