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Subjunctive Review.

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1 Subjunctive Review

2 Subjunctive formula If there is a/an WEIRDO in the principal clause, you must use the SUBJUNCTIVE in the subordinate clause (Changes in subject) 1 2 3 Subject #1 (indicative verb) (Select one of the trigger words from the WEIRDO sheet) Srta. Wilson desea Que This conjunction is USUALLY necessary to introduce the subjunctive clause que Subject #2 (subjunctive verb) los estudiantes estudien + + Ex: Srta. Wilson desea que los estudiantes estudien.

3 Decir que … When “decir” is used as an order or command, the subjunctive is used in the dependent clause. Sandra, mamá dice que limpies tu cuarto. (Giving an order: Subjunctive) Sandra, mamá dice que eres fea. (Reporting a fact: Indicative)

4 When NOT to use the subjunctive

5 We do not use the subjunctive when discussing people or things we know exist (fact):
Hay una secretaria que habla español. There is a secretary who can speak Spanish. Busco al hombre que tiene la llave. I'm looking for the guy who has the key. [I know there is such a guy exists.]

6 We DO NOT use subjunctive to express facts, beliefs, truth, or certainties.
Creo que la película "Up" es excelente. I believe/think (FOR A FACT) that the movie "Up" is excellent. No hay duda que In-N-Out tiene buenas hamburguesas. There is no doubt that In-N-Out has good burgers. Es obvio/ cierto/ verdad/ hecho que los perros son mejores que los gatos It's obvious, certain, true, a fact dogs are better than cats. Yo sé que mis estudiantes estudian mucho. Tú sabes que dos más dos son cuatro. I know (FOR A FACT) that my students study a lot. You know (FOR A FACT) that two plus two is four.

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