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U3 E2: The subjunctive for disagreement and denial (pg 212)

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1 U3 E2: The subjunctive for disagreement and denial (pg 212)

2 Another way to use the subjunctive forms you have learned is to express doubt or disagreement. These subjunctive triggers of doubt, denial, and disagreement should be familiar to you:

3 Dudar que ____to doubt that___ Es imposible que__its impossible that______ Es improbable que_its improbable/unlikely that____ No creer que_____To not think / believe that (WAY more popular) _____ No pensar (e-ie) que__To not think that_____ No es cierto que___Its not true that_____ No es seguro que___Its not certain /sure that _ No es verdad que_Its not true that___ No estar seguro (de) que___To not be sure that ___ No opinar que___To not be of the opinion that / to not think that _____ *(note: when you remove the No from the phrases that begin with no, is the following verb still subjunctive? _____NO!____

4 -Tenemos una fiesta hoy. ¿Sabes si Mama invitó a Laura?(We have a party today. Do you know if Mom invited Laura?) -Yo creo que si, pero es improbable que venga. Esta enferma hoy y no estuvo en la clase. (I think she did, but its unlikely that she (will) come. Shes sick today and wasnt in class.

5 Try these! 1.I dont think that John is intelligent. ____________________________________________ ______________________________________ 2.My mom doesnt believe that I do my homework. ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 3.We doubt that the shark (will) win the contest. ____________________________________________ _____________________________ 4.What a good-looking couple! Its not true that he is crazy. ____________________________________________ _____________________________

6 5.I think this house is clean. Its unlikely that firecrackers will improve this room. _________________________________________________ ______________________ 6.Im sorry, but we doubt that the best roast suckling pig in the world (will) improve this party. _________________________________________________ _____________ 7.What a marvelous orchestra! Its not true that they sound (sonar, stem!) like cats. _________________________________________________ ________________________ 8.Well, its unlikely that this wedding (will) continue until the early morning. What a mess. _________________________________________________ ____________________________



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