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Subjunctive with Ojalá and Verbs of Hope

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1 Subjunctive with Ojalá and Verbs of Hope
Desear, esperar and querer

2 In English You express what you want someone to do with an infinitive, you express what you hope someone does with the present tense, and you express what you wish someone would do with the conditional. In Spanish, you can express all three with the subjunctive.

3 For example Infinitive: I want John to arrive Quiero que John llegue
Present: I hope John arrives Espero que John llegue Conditional: I wish John would arrive Deseo que John llegue

4 Subjunctive with Verbs of Hope
You already know how to form the present subjunctive. After verbs of hope, use the subjunctive if there is a change of subject. Desear-to Wish Esperar-to hope Querer(e-ie)-to want

5 Here’s how Use the indicative for the verb expressing a hope or wish and the subjunctive for the verb with the new subject. (*indicative means the regular present tense that you have been using all along) Verb of hope+que+different subject+subjunctive

6 For example The teacher hopes that the students do the homework.
La profesora espera que los estudiantes hagan la tarea. Verb of hope in the indicative (espera)+ que+ New subject-the students+ Verb in subjunctive (hagan)

7 Another example The principal wishes that the students would not use their phones. El director desea que los estudiantes no usen sus teléfonos. Verb of hope (desea)+ que+new subject (estudiantes) + subjunctive(usen)

8 One more example The mother wants her child to behave well. La madre quiere que su hijo se comporte bien. Verb of hope (quiere)+new subject (hijo) + subjunctive (se comporte)

9 Your turn: Fill in the blank
1. Los jugadores _______(querer e-ie) que sus amigos __________(asisitir) a los partidos 2. Yo ________(desear) que mis estudiantes _______(hacer) la tarea. 3. El entrenador ______(esperar) que los jugadores_________ (practicar).

10 Ojalá Ojalá expresses hope. It has only one form and cannot be conjugated. Ojalá can be used with or without que. Either way, it is used with the subjunctive. Ojalá que no llueva mañana. I hope it does not rain tomorrow Ojalá que tengamos tiempo. I hope that we have time

11 No change of subject Use the infinitive and omit que if there is no change of subject I hope that I get good grades. Espero sacar buenas notas The subject is hoping something for him/her self. No subjunctive

12 No change of subject cont
I hope that I get good grades Espero sacar buenas notas I hope something for myself (no change of subject…no subjunctive My mother hopes that I get good grades. Mi madre espera que yo saque buenas notas *My mother hopes something for me….needs subjunctive (change of subject)

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