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Advanced Exhibit & Retail Display Technologies Inform,Interact,Involve… Influence !

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1 Advanced Exhibit & Retail Display Technologies Inform,Interact,Involve… Influence !

2 Dynamic Out-of-Home and Retail Signage Digital media offers powerful ways to present or product. The right display tools are critical …but the media needs to be uniquely crafted The range of venue possibilities is unlimited, …anywhere a retailer wishes to get closer to the customer Active and passive content interactions allows direct feedback to reinforce product branding … and keep customer loyalty

3 Infinite Display Possibilities

4 Digital Signage: Content is Key Unlike commercials, dynamic digital signage media empowers the audience to have a connective user experience that reinforces brand and increases sales Content can be intelligently adjusted via feedback tools to meet audience needs and interests, and capture user responses … instantly Wireless Media offers added flexibility to deploy displays where and when they can best serve to capture attention

5 The Future: Dynamic Retail Media To leverage branding and consolidate online and offline sales operations, smart retailers are now integrating digital media & displays into stores. These offer retailers and customers access to intelligent online systems that enhance the shopping experience and improve both branding and product knowledge with the latest information. This capability creates a need for new forms of content and delivery that engage consumers in new and unconventional manners

6 The Need: Personalized Digital Media In an age of over-saturation of competing advertisers Dynamic Displays can do much more than simply show product or branding. The critical need is to weave messages into engaging user experiences that users enjoy …and that produce real results: Automated impulse sales Gather customer information Create real customer relationships Offer smart services 24/7 Build brand loyalty with high impact

7 The Future of Retailing: Designed Content Arrays of Interactive Kiosks and Dynamic P.O.P. displays that create 2 way relations Ambient Public Environmental Experiences Branded Media Promos, Product Tie-Ins Themed Events & Contests, Multiplayer Games, Promotional Entertainment Shows Customer Service Kiosks & Interactive Product Training for improved sales personnel

8 Advanced Visual Venues Display Kiosks, Dynamic Signage, Interactive Exhibits and Immersive experiences can capture targeted audience attention for: Retail Displays & P.O.P Store Exteriors and Mall Venues Trade & Theme Product Events

9 Advanced Visualization: Content Light Fantastic and our strategic partners collaborate on an as needed basis to deliver full service brand experiences … from visual media to database integration Best of Breed = more result / less cost. Our teams design any or all aspects of the retail connection; … dynamic signage, sampler attractions, customer & sales education, rewards programs We produce custom content specifically for digital exhibits & retail marketing, …or convert & process existing media for specialized user experiences

10 Retail Media Strategic Partners To create such compelling media projects requires an ensemble of talents. The future of user experience in out of home media is changing rapidly, and includes not only new display technology but new ways for viewers to interact with them. In addition to our dynamic content strategy, media design and digital production talents, Light Fantastic Studios partners withbest-of-breed firms as needed to fulfill the project vision. Our partners include: Exclusive display technology manufacturers Unique audience feedback and interaction tool manufacturers Technical integration experts Information systems technology architects

11 Indoor Examples

12 Outdoor Examples

13 Advanced Retail Visuals …See the LIGHT Light Fantastic Studios Inc. has the answers you need... … to questions you may not even know to ask ! Call 212-604-0666 to discuss the possibilities. …or visit our website at Inform,Interact,Involve… Influence !

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