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The Rise of Online & Alternative Media MKTG 340 Maureen O’Connor.

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1 The Rise of Online & Alternative Media MKTG 340 Maureen O’Connor

2 Measured Media Media channels in which the size of the audience is measured and verified by an outside source – Print (newspaper and magazines) – Broadcast (television and radio) – Outdoor (billboards and transit)

3 Issues in Measured Media Despite concerns about reduced attention paid to measured media, they still absorb the majority of media dollars spent. New research suggests viewership and listenership numbers are stronger than originally thought

4 New research and technology DVRs are do not necessarily mean consumers are skipping commercials Portable People Meters research suggest people are attending to much more radio than previously thought Trend toward commercial ratings (C3) – Evaluating the viewership of individual commercials based on the “pod” in which the commercial appeared

5 Factors that affect the cost of measured media Print: – Size, color, placement (cover), frequency, insert, bleed, circulation, issue, caliber of audience Broadcast: – Time of day (audience), length of ad, program Radio – Time of day (audience), length, program Outdoor – Production quality – location

6 Strengths and weaknesses of measured media See handout provided in class

7 The rise of online and alternative media Weaknesses in measured media, coupled with technology advancements have prompted advertisers to seek new ways to reach consumers – Focus on engagement rather than exposure

8 Online and alternative media respond to marketers’ needs for… Increased points of contact with the consumer Creating a robust brand experience Creating experiences that cut through the clutter Emphasizing a relationship with the consumer rather than a transaction Reducing costs Providing a convenient retail environment Gathering critical information about consumers for better communications More accountability Answering consumer demand for more customization

9 Today’s Media Environment Paid Owned Earned


11 Online Marketing Strategies used exclusively on the web to enhance consumer contacts – Blogs – Banner ads – E-mail marketing – E-newsletters – Online promotions – Podcasts – Social networks – Search engine optimization – Viral campaigns – Display (video and static) ads – Roll-overs

12 Key objectives of online According to research, advertisers state the main objectives online addresses: – Branding – Generate sales – Build loyalty – Build e-mail list – Generate leads

13 Effectiveness of online Use visual emphasis and impact to counteract the rapid, crowded environment Be sure to tie in with off-line activities – Use off line to drive traffic to your online activities and to maintain integration

14 Adweek podcasts – Watch clips by Lee Clow, TWBA – 1?bctid=2330756001 1?bctid=2330756001

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