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An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

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1 An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications
CH 1 An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

2 The Modern World of Marketing
Rapidly changing media environment Mass media losing viewers, readers, listeners Digital media targets narrow audience Consumers not content to be passive message recipients Information now obtained from a myriad of sources

3 The Growth of Advertising and Promotion
Integral part of social and economic systems Carefully prepared messages delivered to carefully targeted audiences Six-fold increase between 1980 and 2010 New marketing channels Internet ads (banner ads, videos, webisodes) Social media Mobile marketing

4 Advertising & Promotion Nonprofit Organizations
The Role of Marketing Advertising & Promotion Nonprofit Organizations Inform customers of a product or service Convince them of its ability to satisfy their wants or needs Help develop and sustain relationships Solicit donations Offer intangible social and psychological satisfactions

5 The activity, set of institutions, and processes for…
What is Marketing? The activity, set of institutions, and processes for… creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have… value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large

6 What is Value? Customer’s perception of all the benefits of a product or service Benefits can be…

7 The Marketing Mix The Four Ps

8 The Marketing Revolution
Shift from traditional media ads to other forms of promotion/nontraditional media Internet and social media changing how companies interact with consumers Power shift: manufacturers to retailers Database marketing Movement away from mass media advertising toward more targeted tools such as event marketing, direct mail, Internet

9 The Role of IMC in Branding
Image or Associations Performance Name Brand Identity Packaging Logo Design Symbols

10 The Promotional Mix Advertising Direct Marketing
Interactive/ Internet Marketing Sales Promotion Publicity/ Public Relations Personal Selling

11 Paid, nonpersonal communication
Advertising Paid, nonpersonal communication About an organization, product, service, or idea With an identified sponsor No immediate feedback from audience

12 Non-Personal Media Mass media Benefits TV Radio Magazines Newspapers
Cost effective Large audiences

13 Advertising Classifications
Consumers National Retail / Local Primary / Selective Demand Business-to-Business Organizations Professional Trade

14 Forms of Direct Marketing
Direct Mail Catalogs Direct Response Ads Telemarketing Direct Selling Database Management Shopping Channels Internet Sales

15 Direct Response Advertising
Encourages consumers to purchase directly from the manufacturer

16 Direct Response Advertising
Major Tools Forces for Change

17 Interactive Marketing
Interactive media Internet Kiosks Interactive television Cell phones Other mobile devices

18 Interactive Marketing
Internet activities Advertise products and services Link ads and websites to search engines Offer coupons, contests, sweepstakes Conduct direct marketing Do personal selling Conduct public relations activities Measure advertising and promotions

19 Consumer vs. Trade Promotions
Consumer-oriented Encourages immediate purchases Trade-oriented Wholesalers, distributors, retailers

20 Publicity A news story, editorial, or announcement to a mass audience
High credibility and low cost Not directly paid for or run under identified sponsor Is sometimes unfavorable Not always under company control

21 Public Relations Uses publicity and other tools

22 Person-to-person communication
Personal Selling Person-to-person communication A seller attempts to assist and/or persuade prospective buyers to make a purchase or act on an idea

23 Touch Points: Control vs. Impact

24 IMC Planning Model Promotional program situation analysis
Analysis of the communications process Budget determination Develop integrated marketing communications programs Review of marketing plan Advertising Sales promotion PR/ publicity Personal selling Direct marketing objectives Message strategy Integrate and implement marketing communications strategies Monitor, evaluate and control IMC Program Internet/ interactive

25 Elements of a Marketing Plan
Detailed situation analysis Specific marketing objectives Marketing strategy and program Program for implementing the strategy Process for monitoring & evaluating performance

26 Promotional Program Situational Analysis
Internal External Firm’s promotional organization/capabilities Review of previous programs and results Assess firm/brand image Assess strengths and weaknesses of product or service Customer analysis Competitive analysis Environmental analysis

27 Analysis of Communications Process
Communication decisions Source and message Communication channels Media mix Costs Marketing goals Communication objectives

28 Budget Determination What will the promotional program cost?
How will the money be allocated?

29 Developing the IMC Program
IMC Strategies Creative Media

30 Monitoring, Evaluation, Control
Basic Goals Determine how well the program is doing, and why Problem correction Continual management feedback Input for future promotions/strategies

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