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Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi for Retail

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1 Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi for Retail

2 Shoppers Want and Expect Wireless
80% of people said that the availability of in-store WiFi influenced where they shop. 74% of shoppers are happy for a retailer to send a text or with promotions while they’re using in-store wi-fi. 69% say their smartphone is a critical tool to have a better shopping experience 70% plan to use their smartphone more to help their shopping experience in the next year 80% of people said that the availability of in-store WiFi influenced where they shop. – JiWire 2014

3 Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi is an Ideal Retail Platform
Delivers a key customer amenity with carrier-class Wi-Fi connectivity Provides secure, anonymous analytics Shopper count, duration, repeat, heatmaps, … Creates a new, in-store personalized customer touchpoint Location context significantly increases value of ads and promotions Enables complete online marketing automation capabilities Supports operational systems including PoS, RFID, IP Video, … Can be installed, supported via trusted Managed Services partners Ruckus Proprietary and Confidential

4 Simply Better Wireless for Shopping Malls
Stronger Wi-Fi signals at longer ranges Adapts automatically to environmental changes More concurrent users per access point Stable connections and faster speeds Highly scalable, centralized management Interference

5 Smart Access Management
The first cloud-based, carrier-grade Smart Wi-Fi Access Management Service Enables ultra-easy design, management and monetization of Wi-Fi hotspot services Combines the scale, efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based services with best-in-class Smart Wi-Fi products and technology Scales from large airports, malls and nationwide chains to single store locations Captures customer demographic and contact information to enable online marketing campaigns

6 Introducing Ruckus SPoT™
Industry's first completely cloud- based Smart Wi-Fi positioning service Works seamlessly with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi to deliver: Shopper / staff location analytics Real time location data Includes API and SDK for third-party developers Active SPoT location ecosystem

7 SPoT Location Application Ecosystem
Ruckus has a large and growing location eco-system …and can easily integrate with your existing apps Proven solutions can be customized and integrated for Mall and REIT requirements Retail apps with in-store location and associated store-centric features drive five times more shopper engagement than identical apps without these features

8 Current SPoT Ecosystem Partners
Analytics Mobile Applications

9 Ecosystem: Shopper Traffic Analytics
Unprecedented insight into user behavior Store/mall traffic optimization based on real-time and historical analytics Shopper count by zone/time Length of stay Repeat customer % Heat maps Loyalty offers for repeat customers Improve new customer traffic

10 Ecosystem: On-Site Customer Messaging
Ruckus SPoT ecosystem partners enable retailers and venue operators to communicate to consumers’ smartphones based on location data while they shop. This is accomplished with a single RU network appliance from Front Porch. Front Porch can deliver interactive messages on all devices in their browsers as people surf the web. No app, plugin, toolbar is needed. It works on all devices.

11 Ecosystem: Shopper Navigation
Real time maps Directions to stores or to specific products in stores Track searches and shopper path

12 Ecosystem: Advertising
Integrate digital ad networks into your shopping mall app Increase CPM and usage with real time location context 5x CPM improvement Enable mall-based promotion and advertising opportunities

13 Ecosystem: Social Marketing
Leverage Wi-Fi access to collect customer marketing data Name Demographics address Friends

14 Complete Product Line-up For Stores and Malls
INDOOR 7982 3X3, 3-stream dual-band n 7372 Mid-range dual band 7352 Entry level n 7782 3x3:3, 3-stream dual-band 7762 Mid-range Dual band 7731 Point to point and multipoint bridges OUTDOOR Other key features All APs are PoE in enabled All except the 7731 support mesh Can be deployed as autonomous or managed APs Ruckus 7372 is ideal – Much better coverage & signal strength than competitors, best price point 7352 can be used to meet very tight cost pressures, but it cuts off the upgrade path to 5GHz. Trends like BYOD and guest access also affect warehouses – for instance, truckers dropping off shipments at a warehouse may want to get connected. 5GHz will enable them to support a wider range of devices and may allow them to keep their 2.4 GHz clear for key apps. 7762 is the most cost-effective outdoor AP. Can also meet harsh operating environment requirements for some indoor locations 7731 may come into play often to each across large facilities or link the warehouse back to an office bldg somewhere 7321-U Smartpoint will also come into play for temporary or remote facilities. *** Note that this is a special order item with a 1,000 unit minimum order. Only discuss with qualified, large prospects Omni or 1200 sectorized IP 67 Rated MANAGEMENT 6 to 50 Aps SME 50 to 500 APs Mid-range 50 to 1000 APs High end Up to 10K APs vSCG

15 Wi-Fi ROI for Malls and Stores
Single infrastructure for shopper access, store access and operational support including VoWLAN, IP Video signage, and security In-store guest Wi-Fi 5x greater impact from mobile apps New, in-store/mall touchpoint Analytics dashboard showing shopper activity and patterns Advertising portal Opportunity to enable tenant ‘flash promos’ Social marketing platform 3G / 4G offload (future) All these numbers are only moving 1 way – UP. Critical issue that is also likely to be a question is How many people will use Wi-fi? About 50-60% currently have Wi-Fi turned on (so analytics are pretty good). This is higher for APAC, and much higher for people below 35. Again, only increasing How many people will use our App? % will download it, but only about half of these actually will leave it on. This is where location comes in. If you can make the app relevant with good navigation/local search, and send highly relevant messages when the customer is in-store or in-the-aisle, then people will use it Single infrastructure – save money, improve effectiveness - can they make money offering Wi-Fi to stores? Or how about in-store guest Wi-Fi since many retail chains won’t open up their enterprise networks 5x greater impact from Apps. PointInside analysis, basically says adding location triggers and info to an app make it hugely more valuable Analytics dashboard: What is value of good metrics? A lot – what are they currently paying for a clicker or a Shopkick-like app that just counts people coming in? How nice would it be to do A:B analysis of alternative marketing programs between malls to evaluate, based on specific data, which one works better? Advertising: standard model with a digital ad agency is that they will provide ads based on information such as location, mall demographics, anything we know about a particular user, … these in-store/mall ads earn a 5X higher CPM since the are much more relevant. Agencies will provide a 70/30 revenue split, giving 70% to the venue/operator Social Marketing. How nice would it be to get address and demographic data for people who come to your malls, all collected automatically, and potentially available for a fully automated, policy driven marketing campaign?? 3G/4G offload - with Hotspot 2.0, will become feasible to sell access to carriers

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