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Integrated Marketing Solutions

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1 Integrated Marketing Solutions
MediaBUZZ Presents Integrated Marketing Solutions at Costco Wholesale

2 Challenges In Today’s Marketplace
Increase sales and market share Attract new customers Outperform competitors Expand brand awareness Improve ROI Target core demographics effectively and efficiently

3 Integrated Marketing Compelling, multi-faceted marketing program
Builds brand equity at desirable venues Capitalizes on the synergies of up to five media components Delivers strong impact, high visibility and consumer participation Provides exceptional value

4 Value Opportunity Capitalize on efficiencies resulting from our integrated marketing partnerships Benefit from the synergies of MediaBUZZ’s media mix offerings Showcase your brand and rise above today’s cluttered marketplace

5 Multi – Faceted Media In-Store Mobile Signage
High-level brand exposure National and Regional Print Extensive reach In-Store TV Targeted branding In-Store Brand Equity Ideal time/place to influence shopper decisions

6 Costco Integrated Media

7 FY’ 04 Sales $47.1 billion – 5th Largest Retailer
333 warehouses in the U.S. 82.5 million shoppers per month $115 million avg. sales per warehouse 450 million transactions annually ($110 avg. ring) 42.4 million cardholders million households 93.9% are homeowners $91,800 median household income (U.S. average is $41,990) 18% of Costco Members are millionaires *Source: Costco Analysts’ Presentation, 10/04

8 Costco ConvenienceTRAY
High-quality sponsored food and beverage trays (17” x 12” x 6”) Free to all members at entrance and check-out US Costco locations Serves as a problem solver - consumers carry purchases from check-out to final destination Effective delivery vehicle for coupons, promotions and sweepstakes game cards Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

9 Signage and Gaylord Display
Highly visible 4-color signage 34” x 12” Prominently displayed at entrance way Each holds 750 Costco ConvenienceTRAYS Excess Gaylords are visible in-store

10 In-Store TV High impact TV network is set up near entrance of stores
High Definition Satellite Sports and Entertainment programming content 3x :30 spots to run every hour

11 Costco Connection Monthly magazine publication
Over 5 million circulation 12.1 million readers Keeps members updated about Costco’s products and services Median household income - $91,800 93.3% are homeowners

12 In-Store Brand Equity for Auto Manufacturers
Autos displayed at select Costco locations Over 22 different regions available

13 MediaBUZZ’s Integrated Costco Program
Monthly program – 400,000 Branded Costco Trays Estimated 40,000 branded trays distributed in each selected Costco location Highly visible 4-color signage 34” x 12” Gaylord displays with signage (visible in-store) In-Store Costco TV to run all month - 3x :30’s/hr. Full page Ad in Costco’s Connections Magazine 139.5 estimated impressions Total Net Investment: $415,000

14 Advertiser Benefits Delivers high reach and frequency at each location
Impressions increase as Tray is moved or taken home – Extends the life of the brand message Generates instant recall - helps establish/enhance brand awareness Draws attention to your message by bringing it directly to the consumer Opportunity to receive brand equity at select Costco locations

15 Why MediaBUZZ’s Integrated Program?
Experienced media and marketing executives Established distribution network of wholesale clubs, sports venues and theaters nationwide Impressive track record for building partnership marketing programs Complete turn-key solution (one point of contact) Cost effective - Benefit from synergistic partnership alliances

16 Guidelines and Implementation
Choose locations for program sponsorship Complete artwork template provided Provide logo to MediaBUZZ Approve final artwork Allow 60 days for production, shipping, delivery and in- store set up.

17 Next Steps Initial feedback Follow up meeting to explore open issues
Let MediaBUZZ customize a program for you Benefit from an innovative media mix that provides brand equity at desirable venues

18 MediaBUZZ

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