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Chapter 18

2 Visual Merchandising & Display
Visual merchandising coordinates all of the physical elements in a place of business to project an image to customers It attracts customers Creates a desired business image Promotes interest in products or services An image can include the following: Design and layout of the store, its logo and signage, design of the store’s website A good image will attract positive attention and loyal customers

3 Visual Merchandising & Display
Display refers to the visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product/service to a target group of customers to encourage a purchase It is a much narrower concept and makes up only one element of visual merchandising Activity Think of a product you recently purchased at a store List the visual merchandising elements that were used to attract buyers

4 Elements of Visual Merchandising
The goal of visual merchandising is to create a positive shopping experience that will compel customers to return Merchandisers consider four elements as key to achieving this goal: Storefront Store layout Store interior Interior displays

5 Elements of Visual Merchandising
Storefront is the exterior of a business It includes: Sign or logo Marquee Outdoor lighting Banners Planters Awnings Windows Exterior design, ambiance, landscaping, and lighting of the building

6 Elements of Visual Merchandising
Store layout refers to ways that stores use floor space to facilitate and promote sales and serve customers A store layout divides a store into four distinct spaces Selling space Storage space Personnel space Customer space

7 Elements of Visual Merchandising
Store interior includes decorations, innovative props and other valuable tools to create a memorable shopping experience Interior graphics, signage, color and sound Lighting Fixtures Permanent or movable store furnishings that hold and display merchandise

8 Elements of Visual Merchandising
Interior displays show merchandise, provide customers with information, encourage customers to shop, reinforce ads, and promote a store’s image Architectural displays Closed displays Open displays Point-of-purchase displays Stand alone structures that serve as consumer sales promotion devices Kiosks are interactive POP displays that are free- standing, full-service retail locations Store decorations


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