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Light Fantastic Studios presents: Advanced Visualization: Interactive 3D and 3D Animation.

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1 Light Fantastic Studios presents: Advanced Visualization: Interactive 3D and 3D Animation

2 The Challenge In order for businesses to survive in this new and tough economy, they need to utilize new ideas and tools in order to be competitive and grow. "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them" - Albert Einstein.

3 Why Interactive 3D Visuals ? Interactive 3D visualizations allows you to: Inform your audience Involve their interests Interact with their ideas Influence their decisions

4 Why Interactive 3D Visuals ? Interactive 3D visualizations allows you to: Show products completely and consistently Reveal hidden properties and attributes Intuitive understanding of complex features Attract attention and differentiate values Reduce sales and training time & expense

5 Why Light Fantastic? Deep Experience across Industries Artistic and Technical Mastery Experts in both Digital and Traditional Media Relationships with best-of-breed Innovators & Development Companies

6 See Further, Look Deeper …Know More 3D interactive media lets you explain complex ideas and concepts flexibly. A variety of formats can be used: Flash Click on panels on side of cube

7 See Further, Look Deeper …Know More Real-time rendering of 3d model with transparency, textures, reflections Ability to Interact: Rotate, Zoom and Move the model Timing sets automatically to computer clock Change the time by clicking on the winding knob File size including sound is only 133 Kb Cult3D Cult3D plugin available at

8 See Further, Look Deeper …Know More Interactive 3D Models offer the following features: True Photorealistic, real-time rendering of products, processes and concepts Flexible navigation via both Linear and Interactive animations Compact file sizes for complex animations (50-400 Kb) Easily Distributable due to compact size to: WebPages & Email Removable Disks CD-ROM or DVDs

9 PowerPointWebPage Excel Word Media Player PDF Formats Supported Interactive 3D Models are very versatile and can be easily incorporated in a wide range of formats:

10 Computer Presentations Video & Digital Signage Holographic Displays Wireless Phones & Handhelds Display Deployment Immersive Exhibits & Training

11 Statistics Research has shown that 3D Interactive product models on websites have: Increased page viewership by almost 300% Viewers to spend almost 50% more time Increased sales by 15-30% Reduced post-sale returns by almost 60% Source: Greenfield Online Research

12 The 3D models you have done of our computer boards not only are cool but have generated additional traffic to our web site. Using the 3D models in our PowerPoint sales and marketing presentations have been very impressive. We were the first of our competition to use this technology to demonstrate our product capabilities. Several of our competitors have tried to imitate our 3D models but have fallen short technically. - Pat A, Artesyn Communication Products Client Testimonial Roll over and click sequences at right

13 Benefits of Interactive 3D Visual Appeal, the Wow Factor: Attracts more attention and eye impressions Greater Understanding: Controlled Animated elements provide better product understanding by allowing clicking on features of interest Non-linear Presentation Navigation: Allows instant access to any point in a presentation Scale and Continuity: The same digital model can be used across many visual formats for economy of scale and message continuity Lasting Impression: Interactive features are engaging and provide lasting brand impressions

14 Applications for Interactive 3D Interactive 3D has tremendous implications for: Presentations and Conceptual Illustrations Manufacturing and Product Development Healthcare and Medical Imaging Architecture and Interior Design Engineering and Mining Fashion Design and Packaging Training and Simulations Games and Entertainment

15 Product Design and Development Click on clasp & flap

16 Image Courtesy: Cycore Inc. INTERACTIVITY: Keyboard: 1,2,3 INTERACTIVITY: Click on various parts Medical Presentations

17 W 57 th St New York, NY Close-up 1 Close-up 3 Close-up 2 Close-up back Extreme back Exterior View Top View Pit View * Simulations and Architectural Walk-Thru Click on Red boxes next to arrows Use Mouse to pan & zoom

18 Light Fantastic Capabilities Light Fantastic is an interactive media innovator since 1987 with a track record of highly creative digital content Light Fantastic has: Been involved with developing interactive 3D content since the inception of the technology. Proprietary production processes to create high quality compressed and efficient 3D models with consistent high quality and efficient file sizes. A 3D group that works with agencies and clients from concept to final renders to assure quality within production budget and timeline.

19 When your audience expects the Extraordinary… … see the LIGHT Light Fantastic Studios designs and produces creative, interactive presentations and digital content for audience experiences of any scale or complexity. Call 212-604-0666 or visit our website at Inform, Involve, Interact … Influence

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