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Warm-Up Activity. Mini-Lesson #2, Obj. 2.01 Elements of Text Organization Newspaper Articles.

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1 Warm-Up Activity


3 Mini-Lesson #2, Obj. 2.01 Elements of Text Organization Newspaper Articles

4 Cornell Style Notes Create ?s that match my notes My Notes Remember WE only take notes on the right side of the page….

5 In review of newspaper articles… Text is organized in very similar ways as a magazine article, however; the naming changes somewhat… Newspaper Article Text Organization

6 Newspaper Article Organization Banner or Flag The name of the newspaper Set off by Size, Color, Special type or Some other design feature (looks different). Masthead: Information about the publication, its editors, its owners and its location Sometimes an emblem or a motto is also placed within the masthead. The masthead is often set into a block of black or red print or boxed with a border; the Red-tops (The Sun, The Mirror, The News of the World) are categorized by style and the use of a red background in the masthead. Menu/Index: the list of contents inside the paper. Shows where things can be found in the newspaper

7 Banner Menu Masthead

8 Newspaper Article Text Organization Headline: The title of a story (School Names Student Principal) Short, attention getting title Byline: The writers name (by I. M. Kidding) often included at the beginning of the feature, rather than at the end, or not at all. Dateline: The location from which a writer reported a story (Fantasy, Nebraska). Originally, the date was there too, but newspapers kept the term for the location.,

9 The headline reads…Ready for Card – Jitsu Water?

10 Byline

11 The dateline is NOT the date, but the location where an article originates. Dateline

12 Newspaper Article Text Organization Caption: A description of a photo Pullquote: A quote pulled out of a story to attract more attention to an article. Sidebar: A column of additional information or resources about the articles subject.

13 Sidebar Caption Pull quote

14 Newspaper Article Text Organization Kicker: this is a story designed to stand out from the rest of the page by the use of a different font (typeface) and layout. Jumpline The line at the bottom of a story indicating on what page the story continues.

15 Jumpline Kicker

16 All articles whether magazine or newspaper still include the 5ws and how in the first few paragraphs of the article. In a newspaper article an inverted pyramid will help you to analyze this information. Newspaper Article Text Organization

17 The Inverted Pyramid

18 Summarize What I learned today…

19 Think – Pair - Share Compare notes with the person next to you. Make sure that you have all the information that you need. You have approximately 2 minutes…

20 Guided Practice As a class… Each of you should pick up a newspaper article and create an inverted pyramid for your article. In our groups… Writing Workshop Create 20 Research 20?s Research Group Select a 2 nd genre to research and write. Reading Workshop Finish Reading to pg.12 Complete a full Reading Reflection Complete Vocabulary Logs. Student/Teacher Conference Select an article and create an inverted pyramid…THEN Go back and work in daybooks until I am able to meet with you.

21 References m20/print_journalism/parts_newspaper.htm m20/print_journalism/parts_newspaper.htm FycsPZZI/AAAAAAAAHAw/MSZlSu- 10HE/s320/Ledger-Bylines-LocalNewsService- 01.jpg FycsPZZI/AAAAAAAAHAw/MSZlSu- 10HE/s320/Ledger-Bylines-LocalNewsService- 01.jpg 9/news-paper2.png 9/news-paper2.png 9/news-paper2.png

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