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Newsletters The most versatile of all print media.

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1 Newsletters The most versatile of all print media

2 A newsletter... “any typically small-format, print publication that purports to deliver timely news and information to a limited target audience in a fairly perishable format, quickly, inexpensively, and with little effort.”

3 PR Publications

4 Format of a newsletter Size most common 8 1/2 by 11 inches, created with 11 by 17 inch paper 4 pages Cover design key difference between newsletter and magazine self-contained cover (like a newspaper)

5 Newsletter Terms Nameplate (aka Flag) Title Organization name Logo Date Volume Mailer Masthead Byline End sign Pull quote Table of Contents Headline Indicia Jump line Kicker

6 Masthead Editorial statement Address of publication Staff listing (Contributing writers) Subscription information Copyright information Publisher Circulation information

7 Planning Look linked to a newsletter’s theme Paper stock Ink color (two if budget allows) Blanks Layout justification/alignment fonts

8 More planning Format size, hole-punched, etc. Frequency How perishable is the news? Production deadlines Work backward

9 Standing columns ideas Table of contents/news briefs Announcements Letters Editorial News Notes Calendar Employee Feature

10 Document setup in PageMaker Letter size 4 pages; start on page 2 Can print two pages on one 11 x 17 sheet 1/2 inch margins Double sided; facing pages 1200 dpi printer

11 Helpful hints Multiple master pages Style palettes Why? saves time! improves consistency!

12 Design hints Only stories started on the cover can “jump” inside No “butting” heads, but don’t overuse boxes One type of rule for all boxes and lines Adhere to margin and column guides Align from the top

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