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It Does a Body Good Getting to Know the Newspaper— Inside and Out!

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1 It Does a Body Good Getting to Know the Newspaper— Inside and Out!

2 Our class receives two copies of the Austin-American Statesman every day. You can also view the paper online. The link is on the Agenda page. The UN is jaguars The PW is paris2013

3 Write these words on your Bingo Card. Some you will need to save for the back side and game 2. Double truck Gutter Flag or nameplate Masthead subheadline Broadsheet feature Ears brief Column Editorial Folio Cutline Sidebar Pull quote skyboxes Dateline Tabloid Jump or jumpline headline Byline Copy Commentary

4 What is the It’s newspaper’s name. It is located on the front page.

5 What is the This gives you the name of the editor in chief and the other staff members. It’s usually located on the opposite page from the commentary and on the same page as the editorials.

6 What is a This word refers to the size of the paper. The Austin American Statesman, The New York Times, and Chicago Tribune are all ________.

7 What is a This refers to the size of paper that we will be publishing –The Paw Print.

8 What are This term refers to the white space on either side of the of the newspaper’s name on the front page. Many times lottery information is placed here.

9 What is a This term refers to a promotional box or advertisement that is usually above the nameplate. It’s also called a teaser.

10 What is a This is the vertical division of the layout of the text on the news print. Can you tell me if the copy of text in the Statesman is aligned right, aligned left or justified?

11 What is a These are words in large print that capture the reader’s attention. Extra large ________ are created in a sans serif font—like the one above. Sans means without in Latin, and serif means tails—the font is without tails.

12 What is a This appears under, above, or to the side of a main headline. It’s in a smaller font size. Can you find a _______ in today’s newspaper?

13 What is a This is a short article and usually found on page 2. We need to write these about each of the teachers who are new to Cedar Valley this year. One of you may get assigned to a new teacher to interview.

14 What is a This is a secondary story that gives the reader additional highlights of a major story. Find one in today’s edition.

15 What is a This is all about YOU—it’s the name of the writer of the story.

16 Is the byline font typed in serif or sans serif font? By Eleanor Rigby This font is called News Gothic and is a commonly used font in the journalism business. The byline is typed in a sans serif font meaning the font has no tails – sans means without in Latin.

17 What is a These are the words at the beginning of the article that give the location of the story. ROUND ROCK– The Chalk Walk will be held in this Saturday from 9 until. Our POD is Emma.

18 What is a This is a short sentence or phrase pulled from a story and set in larger type than the copy text. The text is in a serif font and italicized since it is an actual quote. It’s not paraphrased—but you need to only place single quotes around the text. ‘She was really determined to get this case solved. She didn’t want it to go cold.’

19 What is a This is the line at the bottom of an article that tells the reader where to turn for the rest of the story. It’s typed like this: See ACL, A5 The font is sans serif and the article name is in bold followed by a comma and the page where the article jumps!

20 What is This is the text of the story and is usually set in 10 point type and a serif font such as Times New Roman is used. The alignment is left aligned there is a ragged edge on the right as you see here.

21 What is a This is a human interest story. An example might be about Danielle Buzzard and her missionary trip to Africa this past summer.

22 Hard New versus Soft News Hard news is headline news. It’s the guts of what makes students WANT to read YOUR paper. The soft news is the feature article that you write about such as a new teacher at CeVMS who just moved here from another state.

23 What is an This is an article written about a controversial topic that includes the writer’s view point. You may write about a pet peeve at school. This would be an ___________

24 What is a This is the page number and date on each page. In the Statesman the page numbers are listed at the top with a.5 line under the _____. The section is typed in CAPS and the name of the paper and the date are place in a condensed font. A4 Austin American-Statesman ENTERTAINMENT Monday, September 3, 2012

25 What is a This is the same thing as a caption. Every photo must have one of these. It tells what is happening in the photo.

26 First Edition Ideas Front Page News—Mr. Pruden and a heart transplant Briefs – New Teachers, Choir Performance, Sock Drive, Watch Dogs, Go Get It Week, Fish in the Library Feature Stories—Danielle Buzzard, Helping Hand, Camp Gladiator, QR Codes in Math, Dance Performance in Nov., Columns – Equestrian articles, anyone who wants to write about the same topic each month Editorials or Commentaries – example - Electives you feel should be added to our school Arts & Entertainment (A&E) - Movie and Book Reviews— Puzzles—Comics—Word Jumbles Poll – Who would you vote for if the election were held today? Advertising – any page Sports and player profiles

27 Look in your staff manual Can you find our advertising deadline dates? Does anyone have a parent or friend (adult with a business) who may want to advertise? We have Paw Print business ad forms for YOU to give to a potential advertiser. Can you find our deadline date for publishing our first edition? Can you find our “drop dead” workday when we have to get all stories laid out and photos placed?

28 Next week we will learn how to interview. You will learn how to write with the quote + transition format for journalistic style writing. You will learn to write captions and quotes. The following week we will begin learning InDesign and layout and all about typography – that would be fonts. We will dress as a font on Halloween. There is an assignment that goes along with the Font Fight Project. Check it out in your study guide.

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