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Cells!. IMPORTANT! Human Body Organs Tissue Cells Organelles.

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1 Cells!

2 IMPORTANT! Human Body Organs Tissue Cells Organelles

3 The Cell Theory All organisms are composed of one or more cells The cell is the basic unit of life in all living things. All cells come from existing cells

4 There are many different kinds of cells. One major difference occurs between plant and animal cells.

5 Animal Cell

6 Plant Cell

7 Do you see a difference?

8 Cell Parts

9 Nucleus Chromosomes are found here – the brain of the cell

10 Nuclear Membrane Holds nucleus together

11 Cell Membrane: It is fluid like and separates the cell from the outside environment. It keeps the cytoplasm inside and allows nutrients in and waste products out.

12 Endoplasmic Reticulum: a membrane covered cell organelle that breaks down drugs and other substances & packages proteins for delivery out of the cell.

13 Lysosome: Digests food articles, wastes, cell parts, and foreign invaders

14 Mitochondrion: This organelle is the power plant of the cell. It breaks down food particles so that energy can be produced.

15 Golgi Complex: organelle that modifies, packages, and transports material out of the cell.

16 Cytoplasm Jelly like substance within a cell

17 Ribosomes Where proteins are made

18 3 things not found in an animal cell that are found in a plant cell: Valcuole: serves as a storage container for water Cell Wall: gives a plant cell a defined shape which helps support individual part of plants. Chlorophyll: Traps light and is used to produce food for plants

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