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Parts of the Cell.

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1 Parts of the Cell

2 Animal Cell Various Shapes Obtain Energy

3 Plant Cell Boxlike Photosynthesis Chlorophyll

4 Organelles Parts of the cell Cytoplasm- Fluid of the cell.

5 Nucleus Control center of the cell containing the DNA & Chromosomes.
Humans have 46 chromosomes.

6 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Highway system for moving information out of the nucleus.

7 Ribosomes Place where proteins are made.

8 Golgi Apparatus “Shipping & Receiving Center”
Takes proteins from ribosome and ships them to the parts of the cell they are needed.

9 Lysosome “Cleanup Crew/Janitor” removes waste from the cell.

10 Vacuoles Storage unit Plants Cells- stores water

11 Mitochondria “Power Plant” makes the energy in animal cells
Turns food into energy.

12 Chloroplast Only in Plant Cells.
Collects sunlight in plants for photosynthesis.

13 Boundaries of the Cell Cell Membrane Cell Wall
Outer boundary of animal cells Cell Wall Outer boundary of plant cells

14 Moving Information in the Cell
1. Nucleus (DNA/RNA) 2. ER 3. Ribosomes 4. Golgi 5. Cell


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