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Cell Structure and Function

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1 Cell Structure and Function

2 Cell Membrane Regulates what enters and leaves the cell.

3 Cell Wall Supports and protects the cell

4 Chloroplasts Captures sunlight and converts it into chemical energy during photosynthesis; contains chlorophyll.

5 Cytoplasm Jelly-like material inside the cell membrane that holds the organelles.

6 Cytoskeleton Helps cell maintain its shape and is involved in cell movement.

7 Endoplasmic Reticulum
Membrane system where proteins are transported. Can be Rough ER (protein synthesis) or Smooth ER (lipid synthesis).

8 Golgi Body/Apparatus Modifies, sorts, and packages proteins from the ER

9 Lysosome Filled with enzymes used to break down food, waste, and cell organelles that no longer function.

10 Mitochondria Produces energy for the cell

11 Nucleolus Makes ribosomes (located inside the nucleus)

12 Nucleus Contains DNA and controls the cells activities

13 Ribosome Makes proteins

14 Vacuole Stores water, food, and waste

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