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Structures and Functions 7th Grade

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1 Structures and Functions 7th Grade
Cells Structures and Functions 7th Grade

2 Vocabulary Words Nucleus Nucleolus Mitochondria Golgi Complex
Ribosomes Large Vacuole Small Vacuole Endoplasmic Reticulum

3 Vocabulary Words (continued)
Cell Membrane Cell Wall Chloroplast Chlorophyll Cytoplasm

4 Plant and Animal Cells Objectives
Name the organelles that plant and animal cells have in common. State the structure and function of these organelles.

5 Nucleus Control center of the cell

6 Cytoplasm A thick jelly like substance in which organelles float in the cell.

7 Mitochondria Site of energy production in the cell.

8 Ribosomes The smallest structures in the cell
Protein factories for the cell

9 Cell membrane Semipermeable membrane that keeps all the materials within the cell.

10 Lysosomes Digest food particles, wastes, cell parts and foreign invaders.

11 Endoplasmic Reticulum
Breaks down lipids, and packages proteins for release from the cell.

12 Golgi complex Packages and transports materials out of the cell.

13 Plant cells Certain structures are found only in plant cells.

14 Large Vacuole Stores water and other materials for the cell.

15 Cell Wall Provides support for the plant
Not found in animals, animals have bone sthat provide support

16 Cholorplast Captures sunlight to make food for the cell.

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