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Lmb Technologie Transfusion and blood component technology.

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1 Lmb Technologie Transfusion and blood component technology.
30 years of experience in blood banks.

2 LMB Technologie GmbH Möslstraße 17 D – 85445 Schwaig, Germany
The backbone of Lmb’s constant innovation and performance. Hosting Research and Development, part of Production, Sales office South, part of the quality management. 220km South of Belgrade in the heart of South-Eastern Europe Flexibility and production capacity. Hosting Reasearch and Development and Production. 20 km East of Budapest. Lmb’s new representation and door to Asia in the centre of Istanbul. Hosting Product Management and Sales. LMB Technologie GmbH Möslstraße 17 D – Schwaig, Germany Tel – 8122 – Fax. +49 – 8122 –

3 Our partners and customers in the world

4 Our vision Deliver services and products that enhance and improve every step of the blood production process. Provide world-class solutions using our long and profound expertise in blood banking. Develop innovative features that are always one step ahead. Achieve the highest level of excellence within our community of customers, suppliers, employees, management, stakeholders and shareholders.

5 Our core competence We are specialists for the process of blood donation and blood separation and can offer a wide range of solutions in these fields. However we do more than offering fix products: listen to the customer and find good answers. Consulting transfusions centres and blood banks in a way that even easy measures have a great effect to improve and facilitate the daily work load. Learning from the customer requirements and giving this information to our developers, to stay as near as possible to the people we are going to serve with our solutions.

Offer high-quality, stable and innovative products and solutions for the whole process of blood banking, focusing on blood donation and blood separation.

7 Our history Founded in 1982 by Klaus Jentsch in Schwaig, Germany
: First steps on the German, Austrian and French market with own developments 1995: Opening of a production branch in Budapest, Hungary 1996: Acquisition of CE mark 1997: First installation of a blood donation monitor in China 1999: Opening of a branch for production and development in Nis, Serbia focused on separation devices 2002: First installation of a separation device – Lmb offers devices for the whole process of blood banking 2006: ISO certification 2008: ErySep starts a new era in blood separation without machinery or electricity 2009: Lmb launches product sales in Latin America

8 Blood Bank Technology Product range

9 Blood Bank Technology Product range

10 Bagmatic SL Blood donation monitor.
Control of all donations with Software BagWin. Free configuration of the software. Strong motor (similar type used in space diode). Overdimensional balance for up to 7 kg. Highest stability of the device. Radio data transfer as option.

11 Bagmatic NOVO Blood donation monitor.
Best choice for field applications (battery driven, no need for electricity). 3-dimensional mixing of the blood donation OLED display with easy menu navigation Maximum and minimum flow detection ensures smooth treatment of the product Wireless / USB connection for data transfer and data collection SD card data storage Powerful PC software for configuration of the device, data collection and analysis

12 DUALPRESS Automatic separator of blood components.
Parallel process – two separations at the same time - Unique on the market. Color learning sensors for each tube and bag system – adapts automatically to different color of plasma. Blood flow control. Pressing of air out of the plasma bag. Touchscreen with easy menu navigation. LAN data transfer, Network ability, Win Software LmbNet. Open system for each type of bloodbag. TOP/TOP and TOP/BOTTOM Process.

13 Sepamatic SL Triple press system Flow control system
Adaptive sensors in the sealing clamps LAN, WLAN data transfer Balances for whole blood, plasma, red cells and buffy coat Donation ID-System Open Software with multiple functions Open system for each type of bloodbag

14 LUXOmatic Two systems in one housing with double press system
Flexible system for all types of bags Distance diagnose tool integrated Self adjustable sealing clamps Colormatic sensor system for best differentiate between red cells, platelets and plasma Touch panel display

15 NOVOmatic Display with touch screen Double press No compressor needed
Squeezing air out of plasma bag Precise volume control of buffy coat 20 user programs storage place Adaptable bar code reading Self adjustable clamps

16 Manual Plasma Extractor
Easy to use Manual system – accepts all kinds of blood bags Frame and constructions in stainless steel Transparent plate for visual control of red cells and plasma Powerfull spring

17 Mikromatic Blood separation device Best choice for field applications
Easy separation of whole blood Production of cell-free plasma as a result of high precision RBC sensor system Easy usage and maintenance Very fast extractions Designed for use in large blood banks and field service Wireless data connection optional Powerful PC software for configuration of the device, data collection and analysis (optional)

18 FLATBED AGITATORS Keep your thrombocytes in motion.
50 strokes per minute. Capacity of 6 bags on each shelf. Built-in stopper prevents accidental drawing out. Each drawer operates independently. Acustic warn signal.

Temperature control 22C +/- 1C. Stainless steel, epoxy laminated. Glass door with triple isolation. Small rolls with breaks. Electrically controlled cooling system. 7 day temperature chart recorder. Temperature and movement alarm. Battery driven back up system for the alarm system with capacity of 72 hours during current interruption.

20 MOBILE DONOR LOUNGE DL 100 Made of stainless steel.
Adjustable arm rest. Gas pressure supported shock position.

Comfortable donor lounge for blood banks. Movable back and seat structure. 3 motors (4 if feet section is motorized), handset control. Emergency button. Safe maximum load of 200 kg. Movable armrest (up, sideways, or removed) for easy enterance of patients.

C26, C41, C65. Designed for transportaion of blood and organs. Supply 12V/24V. Temperature 4°C – 20°C. Hard plastic material inside and outside. Insolation foamed polyurethane. Thermostat digital electronic.

23 REFRIGERATOR PINGU Pingu Twin with two autonomous cooling cycles.
Different sizes. Made of stainless steel with glass door. Insulation 40 polyurethan. Temperature range +4°C. Standard fittings: Digital printer. Temperature tracking. Elaborated alarm system.

24 Tube Sealing Portable version: CR-6 ; CR-6-PS
Static desk version: CR-4 Adjustable sealing time: 0,5–5 sec. Sealing per accu 500 – 1000 Maximum 1 sealing in 3 sec. during permanent use Batteries 2 x 12V ; 2Ah

25 TUBE STRIPPER Easy and convenient stripping of tubes.
Easy handling with low expenditure of energy. Facile to clean – high working capacity. Automatic Tube Stripper TS08

26 Sealmatic Mobile SEALMATIC for bloodbags. Low hemolysis technology.
Shortest sealing time 0,99 seconds. High precision switch to activate the seal. Easy to clean in case of blood leakage. Precision electronics. Precision mechanics. Precision switching. Precision hygiene.

27 Life guard Erythrocyte Temperature Control.
Shipping and handling at room temperature. Application in warm or cool environment. Easy, contactless, quick and clear activation. Effective thermal insulation towards false outer temperature. Process and quality insurance due to activation only after sufficient cooling. Unique and explicit color code. Flexible procedures of application with multiple light equipment for activation.

28 Tempmatic Designed and produced for special purpose of activation of Life Guard indicators. Easy installation and usage. Touch-less activation. Less than 3 seconds required for activation. Front panel with LED diodes for device’s state and process control. Automatic lamp off – for longer lamp life time and avoidance of possible UV light exposure.

29 OVER WRAP BAGS Superior durability - ideal as a
safety barrier for containing other freezing bags. Very elastic and high puncture resistance. Clarity - more than 90% optical transmission, even when frozen. Easily sealed – sealed with standard RF or inexpensive impulse heat seal equipment. Labels – possibility of labeling with adhesive labels or direct writing on the bag. Different sizes available.

For freezing of stem cells and other blood components. Triple ended extension line. Easily sealed with low heat. Convenient labeling. Different sizes and types available.

31 ErySep Spinfree –technology, inline filtration.
Not necessary: clean rooms, centrifugation, electricity, mechanical separation, special trained staff, transport logistics between hospital and blood bank. Cell free plasma after filtration by hollow fibre. Process of separation within 45 minutes. Blood components in accordance with the guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components, Council of Europe.

32 LMB Technologie GmbH Möslstraße 17. D – Schwaig, Germany Tel – 8122 – Fax. +49 – 8122 –

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