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Separation of blood components

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1 Separation of blood components
NOVOmatic Separation of blood components

2 High-quality features and extremely strong cost-performance-ratio.
NOVOmatic High-quality features and extremely strong cost-performance-ratio.

3 Lmb Separation Line DUALPRESS Sepamatic SL
Automatic separator of blood components. Parallel process – two separations at the same time Unique on the market. Color learning sensors for each tube and bag system – adapts automatically to different color of plasma. Blood flow control. Pressing of air out of the plasma bag. Touchscreen with easy menu navigation. LAN data transfer, Network ability, Win Software LmbNet. Open system for each type of bloodbag. TOP/TOP and TOP/BOTTOM Process. Triple press system. Flow control system. Adaptive sensors in the sealing clamps. LAN, WLAN data transfer. Balances for whole blood, plasma, red cells and buffy coat. Donation ID-System. Open Software with multiple functions. Open system for each type of bloodbag .

4 Lmb Separation Line NOVOmatic LUXOmatic Display with touch screen
Double press No compressor needed Squeezing air out of plasma bag Precise volume control of buffy coat 20 user programs storage place Adaptable bar code reading Self adjustable clamps Flexible system for all types of bags Distance diagnose tool integrated Self adjustable sealing clamps Touch panel display 8 sensors for buffy coat control Colormatic sensor system Automatic valve breaker for sagmanitol Two machines in one housing

5 NOVOmatic Touchscreen for easy handling. Any language possible.

6 NOVOmatic Possibility to upload up to 20 different user programs.
Possibility to process TOP/TOP Blood bags. Possibility to process TOP/BOTTOM Blood bags.

7 NOVOmatic 6 M-Sensors for convenient Buffy Coat separation and Hematokrit detection.

8 NOVOmatic Double way press for squeezing air out of the plasma bag, for separation of plasma, for transfering SAGM into mother bag.

9 NOVOmatic Quiet operation by motor drive (no compressed air is needed). Bar code reader connectable. Bi-directional communication and data transfer to computer possible.

10 NOVOmatic Multifunctional head with Clamp Sealing function Sensor.
Sealing of all types of tubes by adjustable sealing heads.

11 NOVOmatic Balance trays for easy bag placement On the top for plasma or buffy coat bag. On the left bottom side for the red cell bag.

12 NOVOmatic Weight measurement Net Weight in ml Gross Weight in gr
After the separation Individual measurement

13 NOVOmatic Adjustment of user programmes directly on NOVOmatic screen

14 NOVOmatic Remote maintenance via diagnostic homepage.

15 NOVOmatic Connection to ErySys Software System: Data Base for separation data Tool for Bi-directional connection Live monitoring of the extraction.

16 NOVOmatic Technologie GmbH LMB Technologie GmbH Möslstraße 17
D–85445 Schwaig, Germany Tel. +49 – 8122 – Fax +49 – 8122 – Technologie GmbH

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