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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners New Design 2012-PTAC.

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1 Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners New Design 2012-PTAC

2 Generation Two - PTAC 1 Product Lineup and Features 2 New Panel and Assembly 3 CONTENTS

3 Generation Two - PTAC 1 In collaboration with our customers we are pleased to introduce our new PTAC lineup. Improvements include: A more user and installer friendly high performance product range. A refined and more elegant appearance. Ease of assembly and maintenance through the use of innovative sub-assemblies. Better noise control by using plastic sealing motor matching bigger diameter blower wheel.

4 1. Unit Types: Cool only Cool only with electric heater Heat pump with electric heater 2. Available Capacities: 7K Btu, 9K Btu,12K Btu, 15K Btu 3. Power Arrangements: 208~230V/1Ph/60Hz 265V/1Ph/60Hz Product Lineup and Features 2 2 2 2

5 2 FEATURES FEATURES 15 Second Fan Off Delay Random Compressor Restart Comfort Control Design Room Freeze Protection Self Diagnostics Effortless Maintenance 24 Hour On/Off Timer Highly Energy - Efficient Multi-Speed Fan Silent Design Memory Automatic Auxiliary Heat Eco-Friendly with R410a Refrigerant Versatile Multi-Mode Operation

6 Features and Benefits 3 Highly Energy Efficient The units are matched with a variety of leading brand compressors coupled with the use of more energy efficient motors and fans. Our R&D team has chosen the most energy efficient combinations. Quiet Operation: Our new unit is much quieter in operation because of the high quality cross flow fan design, hermetically sealed plastic motor, and improved air flow design. Additionally the compressor noise has been isolated from the indoor section by use of an acoustically reinforced center panel.

7 Features and Benefits 3 Random Compressor Restart To help prevent power surges after a power outage or from many of our PTACs starting at the same time, the compressor is equipped with a 120 to 240 second random restart delay feature. Whenever the unit is plugged in or power has been restored, a random compressor restart will occur. Auto Restart Memory Our new units have a power off memory function. If power is ever lost or the unit is off control settings are memorized (set point, mode, fan speed). When power is restored or the unit is turned on the previous settings will operate.

8 New Panel and Assembly 2 Shear elegance.

9 Front panel Electronic control boxBase pan Wall sleeve Grille Indoor side Outdoor side New Panel and Assembly 3 3 Compact structure based on maintenance friendly sub assemblies design

10 New Panel and Assembly 2 The elegance is matched with improved inlet and exhaust air performance. Cooling Heating Air Filter

11 The leaf and horizontal plane form a 75°angle. Rotating 180°from right to left the leaf and horizontal plane form a 39°angle A unique air flow design with 2 adjustable angles to ensure maximum comfort New Panel and Assembly 3 When Cooling, air is discharged at 75°as cool air falls. When Heating, air is discharged at 39°as warm air rises, also unit factory status

12 Indoor air flow sub assembly can be removed as shown, which is ideal for maintenance and cleaning. Integrated structure also ensure blower wheel better position fixing and rotation balance to cut down noise New Panel and Assembly 3

13 Use of a larger cross flow fan: Φ120 ×700mm Plastic sealed motor ensures a quieter and more reliable operation Well mounted and strong assembly New Panel and Assembly 3 Fan Balancing

14 The electronic control box is sealed for fire safety. The electronic control box can be opened and is conveniently located for installation and maintenance. Sealed electronic control box with easy access and fire-proof with better safety control New Panel and Assembly 3

15 Intelligent electronic control board New Panel and Assembly 3 Optional universal electric heater (3+2) type heater optional 2/3/5 kw heater

16 When closed only the air inside the room is circulated and filtered. When opened outdoor air will be filtered and drawn into the room. Control lever New Panel and Assembly 2 Fresh air intake with a manual control lever conveniently located on the side of the unit.

17 Outdoor sub assembly structure can easily be removed independently for convenient disassembly and cleaning. New Panel and Assembly 3

18 The condenser axial fan has three blades which provide for greater air flow. Additionally we have added a water slinger feature to enhance the condensate management system. New Panel and Assembly 3 Greater Air Flow Water Slinger Fan

19 Drainage tray and Base pan designed for enhanced drainage. Base pan Combination Drainage Tray New Panel and Assembly 3

20 2 Improved drainage device with easy access. Heat pump models only.

21 Standard wall sleeve 42 16 14 New Panel and Assembly 3 Knocked down for convenient transportation Standard size 42×16×14.

22 Four Control Options Remote Control Panel Control Wireless Control New Panel and Assembly 3 Wired Control

23 Thank you

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