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Www. An Innovation for the New Millennium.

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1 www.

2 An Innovation for the New Millennium

3 Generation One Generation Two

4 Gen2 Components 5 6 4 2 3 1 Product Overview 1 - Machine 2 - Controller 3 - Coated steel belt 4 - Governor 6- Door operator 5 - Emergency & inspection panel

5 So What’s New about GEN 2 ? Revolutionary New Coated Steel Belts

6 FLAT COATED STEEL BELT Conventional Steel Rope Flat Coated Steel Belt Quiet & Strong“Green” & Flexible Less stretch

7 300 Grams/ meter 220 Grams/ meter Product Overview Coated Steel Belt

8 (HALT) Highly Accelerated Life Testing –indicates belts will last 3 X the life of hoist ropes under similar conditions Product Overview Safety and Testing  High Cycle Fatigue - - Used by Pratt & Whitney - tested for 120 million cycles without failure

9 Simulated Fire in the hoistway Melted and burned the Polyurethane coating The damaged Coated Steel Belt was able to: Product Overview Safety and Testing -hold the load -maintain traction -even during an emergency stop

10 GeN2 Comfort – SPECIAL FEATURES “Pulse” electronic monitoring Continuously monitoring the belt’s steel cords 24h/7d Reducing the downtime Increasing the reliability of the inspection Otis ‘Pulse’ system monitors belt cords integrity 24h/7d.

11 Machine Product Overview Major Innovation

12 Machine  The Gearless Machine Operates at 90% efficiency  Compared to other Gearless Machines which operate at 75-85% efficiency Product Overview

13 GEARLESS PM SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR Gearless machine PM motor Embedded PM Sealed bearings Radial design

14 Gearless machine Embedded PM Motor Radial Air Gap design Lower rotational inertia Sealed Bearings Smaller Size Lighter Weight Brake disc – maintenance-free Digital Encoder Rescue Encoder Temperature Sensors Sound Isolation Pads Machine – Key features GEARLESS PM SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR

15  Drive sheave and motor shaft are one piece  An electromagnetic Disc brake no longer requires field maintenance  Sealed Bearings/no gear box – No oil Product Overview Machine


17 E & I Panel Located at the top landing Provides all controls necessary to perform rescue and inspection operations Product Overview

18  Fast and easy access on top landing  Car Position Indicator  Electrically released brake  Quiet, no moving parts Product Overview Emergency and Inspection Panel

19 Safe Operation Lambda 2 D Product Overview Door Protection System Characteristics

20  The load-weighing system measures car load before a run  Motor torque is adjusted prior to brake lift to prevent roll- back or roll-forward  Closed loop control with Digital Feedback of position and speed guarantees consistent performance regardless of the load  Consistent stopping accuracy  Jerk free motion Digital Encoder Prescribed Profile Load-weighing sensor CLOSED LOOP MOTION CONTROL

21 DRIVE Variable Frequency Drive OVF20 CR – Energy Efficient Sleep or Suspend mode Vector Control –Maximum Torque down to Zero Speed –Consistent Speed Control with Low Vibrations –Fast Dynamic Response –Reduce Start Jerk Closed loop – Digital Encoder – Load weighing – Pre-torquing Consistent Efficient Control

22 CLOSED LOOP MOTION CONTROL Prescribed Profile Digital Feedback Position and Speed Position Reference System Load Weighing Car and Hall calls

23 Features and Benefits Space Saving Advantages of Machine roomless design of the Gen2 -No need for a separate machine room -Improved net rentable space. -No visual pollution on the roof -Reduced overhead and pit space. Savings

24 Features and Benefits –Robust design –Gearless machine –Sealed bearings –Built-in diagnostics –Coated Steel Belts Features that enhance Reliability Product Overview

25 Ride Comfort Features that enhance Ride Comfort –Gearless machine with VF drive –Digital Control –Isolated machine and car frame –Quiet controller, drive and brake –Coated Steel belt reduces noise and vibration in the car Product Overview

26 Features and Benefits Features that enhance Environmental protection No visual pollution Efficient use of space Reduced energy consumption No electrical pollution No oils or lubricants Reduced noise and vibration to the building Market Requirements

27 Summary Revolutionary new lift design Environmentally friendly Developed with safety and the environment as key considerations and….

28 IMAGINE What can be done in instead of the machine room ?

29 Thank you

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