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Pre Sales Dept. HERCULES Solar 26 1 A Condensing floor-standing boilers with built-in solar circuit.

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1 Pre Sales Dept. HERCULES Solar 26 1 A Condensing floor-standing boilers with built-in solar circuit

2 Pre Sales Dept. Main features ▪High performances ▪Condensing technology ▪Plentiful D.H.W. production ▪Stainless steel storage tank ▪Dimensions ▪Solar circuit components ▪Boiler and solar system integrated electronic unit ▪Climatic thermoregulation (option) ▪Heating zones kits (option) ▪Availability and list price

3 Pre Sales Dept. High performances ▪Heat outputs of 26 kW in D.H.W. mode and 23,6 kW in C.H. mode ▪Wide modulation range from 12% to 100% of heat output ▪Condensing boiler and complete solar system integrated in one appliance (apart from the solar collector) ▪200 litres stainless steel storage tank

4 Pre Sales Dept. ▪Boiler and solar system control integrated in one electronic board (no needs of additional solar unit) ▪Top sanitary comfort (*** according to EN 13203-1) ▪High flexibility of installations thanks to the optional zones kits High performances

5 Pre Sales Dept. Condensing technology ▪Stainless steel condensing module ▪with 4 coils ▪High resistance to the corrosion ▪Low consumption and money saving thanks to pre-mixed system and high efficiency (until 108,5%) ▪Pollutants emission in compliance with the class 5, the most ecological of EN297

6 Pre Sales Dept. Inexhaustible reserve of sanitary hot water always available at the desired temperature Domestic hot water production (∆T=30 °C): - In first 10 minutes 19,0 l/min - In continuous service 13,1 l/min Plentiful D.H.W. Production

7 Pre Sales Dept.  Stainless steel storage tank with 200 litres of capacity  2 coils, the upper one connected to the boiler and the lower one suitable to be connected to solar circuit  Magnesium anode Storage Tank

8 Pre Sales Dept.  Control panel with covering flap  Wide LCD backlight display with clear symbols and indications  Settings by means of encoder knobs and buttons Technology and user friendly

9 Pre Sales Dept.  Height = 1970 mm  Width = 600 mm  Depth = 750 mm  IPX5D protection index  Standard connection group Dimensions

10 Pre Sales Dept. Low electrical consumption circulator Open manifold Low electrical consumption circulator Reduction of electrical consumption of 45% compared to traditional circulators

11 Pre Sales Dept. A = Available head with zone’s circulator speed set at maximum B = Available head with zone’s circulator speed set to 4,5 C = Available head with zone’s circulator speed set to 3 Diagram of the pump Flow rate (l/h) Head (kPa) Head (mH 2 O)

12 Pre Sales Dept. Mixing valve 8 litres D.H.W. Expansion vessel Solar circuits components Solar panel connection fittings 12 litres solar expansion vessel (18 l as option) Manual air vent valve Safety valve Single pump station Insulated solar connection pipes To complete solar circuit you must add 1 flat collector with relative connections fittings,bracket system and premixed glycole

13 Pre Sales Dept.  In addition to boiler functions (as for HERCULES Condensing) the electronic board has a new software for managing all solar circuit parameters  Temperature control of solar collector and lower side of storage tank  Solar parameters setting and storing in M5 “Configuration” menu (solar circulator switching-on t, solar circulator switching-off t, maximum collector and storage tank temperatures) Integrated electronics for boiler and solar circuit

14 Pre Sales Dept. New “ECO” function is associated to the button “B” (as standard the ECO function is not active) The D.H.W. “ECO” operation mode allows the maximum energy storing through the solar system ECO Solar Function

15 Pre Sales Dept. Amico Remote Control (CAR) External Sensor Central heating temperature modulation according to the external and internal temperatures means lower consumption Climatic thermoregulation (optional)

16 Pre Sales Dept. Specifically designed for Immergas boilers Climatic programmer and modulating room thermostat D.H.W timer and Anti-legionella function User friendly thanks to a wide display and only one setting knob Super CAR Remote Control (optional)

17 Pre Sales Dept. High temperature second zone kit 2 high temperature zones kit HERCULES Solar is standard equipped with 1 heating circuit. For additional heating zones, same zone kits of the new HERCULES Condensing are available. All zone kits include low electrical consumption circulators. Low temperature second zone kit 2 low temperature zones kit Systems Zone Kit (optional)

18 Pre Sales Dept. Availability and price list ModelAvailabilityList price HERCULES Solar 26 1 A code 3.020475 September 20095090,00 €

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