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Unit Three Seminar HR400:Employment and Staffing.

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1 Unit Three Seminar HR400:Employment and Staffing

2 Objectives Define what recruitment sources are Describe the pre-recruitment considerations

3 What Do You Think? What are some effective recruitment strategies?

4 Recruitment Strategies Promoting the work environment as a positive place to work. Understand what is important to candidates What are the most positive aspects of the job Persistence Using a variety of sources Partnering with hiring manager – make sure everyone is working toward the same goal

5 Prerecruitment Considerations Recruitment Budget Developing a recruitment plan Determining employment brand Identifying recruitment sources

6 Employment Branding An organization’s strategy to create a specific perception of employment at that organization Helps to define corporate culture Strategically delivers an organization’s message

7 Enhancing the company’s image What does our organization stand for? What our organization’s name is mentioned, what are people likely to envision? What would we like people to envision? What steps can we take to get people to change their perspective of our organization? What are the top 5 – 10 messages that we feel candidates should know about our organization? Show real-life examples of the culture

8 Recruitment Sources What are some recruitment sources – methods for finding employees.

9 Recruitment Sources Advertising Campus Recruiting Direct Mail Employee referrals Job Fairs Open Houses Agencies Professional Associations

10 Innovative Sources Banners and Signs Social events Kiosks Customers Billboard advertising Others?

11 Electronic Recruitment Career Websites Company Websites Make the site navigable and easy to search for openings Keep it current Respond to applicants quickly

12 Consummate Professional Series Valuing the human contribution Unit 3 To-do List Read the Unit 3 Announcement Read Chapter 2 Respond to the Discussion Board Complete the Unit 3 Project 50 Points

13 What are your questions or concerns?

14 Have a great week learning!

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