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Introducing an environment for change and innovation into your recruitment business.

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2 Introducing an environment for change and innovation into your recruitment business

3 Professional Representation Network What do we mean by change? Change is a process through which something becomes different. When did you last implement a change to your business that directly impacted on your bottom line, your staff, or your candidate experience?

4 Professional Representation Network Compliance and social requirements rest firmly at the recruiter’s door, every day Innovation is the application of a better solution that meets new requirements Not just jobs…

5 Professional Representation Network Are you unhappy with your hiring tools? …Does technology get in your way? Research Shows that 50% of staffing professionals are!

6 Professional Representation Network It takes a large portion of time to sort through the data Innovation is the application of a better solution that meets new requirements 2 in 5 Recruitment professionals are not confident in the quality and accuracy of the data they receive 22 hours = 3 days a month!

7 Professional Representation Network Innovation is the application of a better solution that meets new requirements Candidate experience – creating a brand for your company that delivers Is your communication personal enough? The right level of help and support is crucial

8 Professional Representation Network Is compliance a growing logistical problem? In a recent survey only 49% considered they had complete, confident understanding of IR35 Are your candidates and clients satisfied that you take compliance seriously?

9 Professional Representation Network It is crucial to consider different sources and different talent pools How long do you spend sourcing candidates? Average of 15 hours a week Candidate sourcing is an ever changing landscape

10 Facing the challenges head-on Enable change Grow your business and improve your bottom line Professional Representation Network Using new processes, hidden talent pool and technology to make a difference Better solutions

11 Candidate CV matching system A resource function to help you place candidates Professional Representation Network The best talent are using their mobile devices to advance their careers Integrated and social – building a community of relevant individuals Design and usability will lead the way We have an app you can use for free to help you introduce these new technologies (and more) into your recruitment business.

12 Professional Representation Network Accurate, vetted data – all ready to go 1.5 million qualified and experienced contractors Help to find the best consultants - fast What you need…. Easy access to qualified candidates Reliable data at your fingertips

13 Professional Representation Network Happy candidates = more value Do you have time for the personal touch? First impressions count Candidate relations – getting them interested and keeping them Personal recommendations

14 Professional Representation Network Compliance can be challenging and can often feel to recruiters like business prevention We ensure your contractors are working compliantly By working with us you can remove risk of transference of debt Do you have measures in place for IR35 and ‘False Self-Employment’ ?

15 Ask the consultants you employ to recommend their peers Professional Representation Network 40% of consultants are not using recruitment agencies Don’t miss out on exceptional candidates When discussing referrals don’t ask ‘do you know someone looking for a job?’ Instead, ask the broader question: ‘do you know someone with this particular skill set?’ When a candidate provides you with a reference, check the referee’s credentials. It’s a prime source of potential candidates for similar and different roles Engage with potential candidates on LinkedIn, by posting and responding to topics Actively attract your target audience to your website. That means including fresh, informative and regularly updated content by respected sector expert(s)

16 Professional Representation Network Professional Rep consultants subscribe to our service, and it is free to you. This unique product covers you, the contractor and the contract chain - should the consultant be unable to complete the contract we pay you 60% of your remaining margin as a lump sum Give yourself peace of mind AND reassure your clients Via our partner network we can guarantee your margin

17 Professional Representation Network Advertise for free with us We can help you identify and work with passive candidates and the hidden contractor market Our referral system encourages consultants to recommend their friends Networking is a great opportunity – we run regular events for consultants and recruiters alike These are candidates who are at the top of their profession and who can find work through other channels

18 Professional Representation Network Business growth Innovative App Protected Margins More business Free Advertising Additional Resource Function


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