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HRS/TND ASSOCIATES Human Resource Consultants Tom Dondore, SPHR 4 Park Plaza Reading, PA 19610

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2 HRS/TND ASSOCIATES Human Resource Consultants Tom Dondore, SPHR 4 Park Plaza Reading, PA

3 Where to Find the Staff You Really Want Alternatives to failed systems

4 Forget the traditional Want ads are expensive and bring more trash than treasures Candidates will NOT drop by There are no more Employers of choice Your reputation is NOT enough

5 Forget the traditional Internal postings are not enough Word of mouth needs hype to succeed The Job Center (Career Link) has limited potential Temp agencies mean revolving doors Use professional recruiters your way--not theirs Newspaper ads cost a fortune--deliver next to nothing

6 Marketing Approach to Recruiting Select target market and develop specific messages to meet the audience Develop recruiting messages and activities to sell the job Make it easy for the job seeker (customer) to buy Bright Ideas

7 Marketing Approach to Recruiting Roll out the red carpet for candidates Create a positive recruiting image in the community Collaborate with others to achieve recruiting goals

8 Marketing Approach to Recruiting Recognize that recruiting is a survival issue in business today Avoid tried and true methods that dont really work Use a variety of messages and activities with specific foci

9 Marketing Approach to Recruiting Develop a strategic recruiting action plan Get full organization support for recruiting efforts Use you employees as you best samples of success

10 Lets Get Creative!!!!!!!!! A radio Campaign! - DJ broadcasts live from your open house Try cable TV ads - short and frequent Use mall and street kiosks Coupon Magazines

11 Lets Get Creative!!!!!!!!! Signs in ball parks (LL and pros) and gyms Establish a firm school partnership Event sponsorships Airplane banners at public events

12 Structure Effective Bountie$ Dont be stingy Put a time limit on the bounty Pay it in CASH - in public! Cover the taxes

13 Dont be stingy……. Calculate the advertising costs per hire Make bounties match REAL hiring costs $100 bounties get no results

14 Put a time limit on it….. Dont leave a referral hanging without a deadline Incentive employees to actively search for candidates Top limit should be 60 days

15 Pay Ca$h…… Hand it to the referrer in PERSON Create a ceremony to show others the it really works! Gross up the award to cover the taxes and the reward is more meaningful!

16 Seeking Workforce 2000+? Older workers - SS earnings break Disabled Immigrants Teens Retiring Military Moonlighters

17 Seeking Workforce 2000? Prison release programs Homeless Welfare Your customers Your vendors Extended families

18 The Internet Salvation? Not hardly……. Helpful, but no silver bullet Learn how to use the FREE sites Advertise carefully - get data!!!!!! Seek out busy local sites Dont let it eat up fruitless time

19 Now, to the recruiters….. Not as expensive as you think, if you are careful Analyze your real recruiting costs Opportunity costs - match your costs against your internal effectiveness Negotiate fees and levels of service - search for innovative methods

20 Now, to the recruiters….. Seek out unique search plans designed especially for your organization Get a full service package - Summary interviews, Testing, References, Background Checks, Administrative tasks, Interview space, Negotiations, etc.

21 Now, to the recruiters….. Consider - Do you really want to use a temp agency that has to run a newspaper want ad to fill its own jobs?

22 The Secret Technique - …. that recruiters keep hidden NETWORK RECRUITING! Always in the recruiting mode A 24/7 task - for everyone in the organization Patterned after good sales techniques Assumes contacts are EVERYWHERE

23 The Secret Technique - …. that recruiters keep hidden Uses everybody you know and get to know Pyramid your possibilities Every NO! is one step closer to YES! - and a HIRE Based on continual and expanding lead development One thing leads to another………...

24 The Secret Technique - …. that recruiters keep hidden You will find that everyone is really willing to help If not currently productive, contacts may be the keys to opening future doors Have lots and lots of business cards Observe everyone you meet - EVERYWHERE!

25 The Secret Technique - …. that recruiters keep hidden Always look to future job opportunities, not just the present ones Develop a warm relationship with your telephone and Make lists of possible helpful contacts If they help or if they dont, always ask if they know someone else who might help you

26 The Secret Technique - …. that recruiters keep hidden Use often for thank yous, etc. Then they have your address for future reference and referrals Keep copious and well organized notes and contact directories Never be afraid to make that DUMB call!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 HRS/TND ASSOCIATES, INC. Human Resource Consultants Tom Dondore, SPHR 4 Park Plaza Reading, PA

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