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YES YOU CAN Find Your Dream Job Presented by Dr. Philip Weast February 25/26, 2009 Authored by Ms. Patty Kirkley.

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1 YES YOU CAN Find Your Dream Job Presented by Dr. Philip Weast February 25/26, 2009 Authored by Ms. Patty Kirkley

2 Like Playing Darts You Need Targets in Mind

3 Have a Plan Successful job searches do not happen by Accident  Determine businesses that hire people with your degree  Identify job titles appropriate to your degree  Review job descriptions on the Internet and in the newspaper  Identify companies in your field of interest  Research companies of interest

4 Get Organized  Identify a work space  Double check arsenal of sales materials – resume, sample cover letter, and reference list. Contact your references.  Collect the information you will need to fill out job applications  Listen to the voice mail messages on your cell and home phones and be sure they sound professional  Create and practice your commercials & scripts

5 Keep Track…  If you do not have them, buy a planner/ schedule book & a portfolio  Buy a 2-inch binder (and a hole punch)  Make copies of tracking forms  Prepare to track every call and letter (and the expenses you incur) – (see sample forms: Internet/Newspaper, Letters, Contacts) Internet/NewspaperLettersContacts

6 Be Realistic You need work experience in your career field You will not start in the executive office – you will have to prove yourself Understand likely starting salary range It is easy to get discouraged and give up – you need a positive “headset”

7 Three Types of People Hiring Managers Want to Avoid  Those that cannot learn the job  Those who will not do the work  Those who are not cooperative or have an over-inflated sense of their worth Secrets You Need to Know

8 Persistence is the Key to Finding a Job  Recognize that finding a job is hard work  It takes time and effort  Dedicate a minimum of 25 hours each week to calls, follow up contacts, and research  Your goal is to identify every possible lead

9 Ways to Get Job Interviews  Network  Send letters to specific businesses asking for an interview  Call companies, especially hiring managers  Answer employment ads  Use the Internet  Register with an employment agency

10 Conquer your fears and learn to “Network”  75% of all jobs are not advertised (hiring managers know the best employees come from employee referrals)  Practice your personal commercials – 30 second & 2 minutes  Then start talking … Tapping the Source of Secret Jobs..

11 Who Do You Talk To?  Talk to friends and relatives  Talk to people who know lots of other people – teachers, the guy you know at the local coffee shop, members of your church …everyone you know or can identify  Ask for help (additional contacts or info about available jobs)  Your network is larger than you think.....

12 Remember the Verizon Ad

13 First identify specific industry or business Find names and addresses of businesses in geographic area you are targeting Send a minimum of 5 letters a day Increase chances of success by sending letter to the hiring manager and a few days later, following up with a phone call Send Letters…

14 The Telephone Can Be Your Friend… Before you begin calling, develop your personal calling script Practice it with a friend When you are ready, call a real manager Don’t give up if you get nervous or bomb the first couple of times Call before 10:00 (often before 8:00 & after 5:00 is the trick)

15 Respond to Ads  Check out the employment ads every day  To respond to an ad, first read it carefully  Write each employer a letter telling them how you can help them

16 Respond to Ads...more  Mention the requirements listed in the ad and specifically describe your ability to meet them  Do not forget to include advertisement code if there is one  Mail letter and your resume to the indicated address

17 Use the Internet  Post your resume to one or more of the big job boards (you may be one of the lucky ones)  Check out posted jobs on the job boards and apply for the ones you are qualified to do  Go to the web sites for targeted companies and look for openings  53% of Internet hires come through company’s own website

18 Employment Agencies Identify employment agencies who specialize in your chosen occupation Do not rule out temporary jobs – many work into employment opportunity or new contacts and references To find these agencies in your field, ask your friends or instructors or check the yellow pages.

19 Questions?

20 Good Luck! Resources: The Job Hunting Handbook, Dahlstrom & Company, Inc.

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