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Persuasion, Propaganda, Advertising

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1 Persuasion, Propaganda, Advertising
English 10

2 Types of persuasive appeals
Logos The use of logic to convince the audience Facts, statistics, data, numbers, tables, and graphs Pathos The use of emotion to convince the audience Usually pity or sympathy to sell a product or service. Ethos Establishing trust to convince the audience Kairos A call to action

3 Propaganda Techniques used to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior. It appeals to the emotions not the intellect. It is not negative or positive. The purpose is to persuade.

4 Advertising & Propaganda Techniques
Snob appeal Card Stacking Slogan Price appeal Testimonial Bandwagon Transfer Name-calling Plain folks Glittering generality

5 Snob Appeal Aims to flatter
Makes assumption/ insinuation that this product/idea is better than others… Thus, those that use it are too. Purpose: make the audience feel better than other people if they have that product

6 Plain Folks Opposite of Snob Appeal Identifies with “Average Joe”
Practical product for ordinary people Purpose: identify with the customer and make them feel like part of the group

7 Card Stacking Only presents information that is positive to a product and omits negative information. Selective omission

8 Whose slogan is: “Like a good neighbor, _____ ______ is there”
A catchword or phrase loaded with emotion Often sells through repetition Clever and easy to remember Stays with you a long time Often a melody you already know Whose slogan is: “I’m Loving It”

9 Price Appeal Consumers will be getting something extra for less money.

10 Testimonial Statement endorsing an idea/product by a prominent person
Product can be inside or outside particular field Musical artists Sports giants Actors/actresses Purpose: audience believes the person making the testimony because they’re famous

11 Bandwagon Persuasive technique that invites you to join the crowd
Everybody’s doing it! Purpose: audience feels they will be left out if they don’t

12 Transfer Positive feelings/desires are connected to a product/user
Transfers positive feelings we have of something we know to something we don’t. Love/ Popularity Fame Wealth Power Attractiveness

13 Name-Calling A way of smearing an opponent Purposes:
to damage opponent to arouse suspicion of opponent to create an uneasy feeling Used by politicians and product companies

14 Glittering Generality
Definition: Using simple phrases that sound good but have no real value or meaning. “Glittering” because it’s falsely attractive Examples: “I am the candidate for change.” “It’s new!” A popular slogan on teacher stationery: “Making the Difference!”

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