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Lesson 4 - Let Freedom Ring Lesson 4 Let Freedom Ring.

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2 Lesson 4 - Let Freedom Ring

3 Lesson 4 Let Freedom Ring

4 Vocabulary Write the following vocabulary words in your packet. Constitutional Democracy Representative Democracy Federal Government Cabinet Political Party Common Good

5 Constitutional democracy A kind of democracy in which the goals of the government and the ways it will work to achieve them are stated in the constitution.

6 Representative democracy A governing system in which citizens elect people to make laws and decisions for them.

7 Federal government The central authority in a federation (group) of states.

8 Cabinet The group of department heads (people) who advise a nations chief executive.

9 Political party A group of people involved in government who try to get others to agree with their ideas and who choose leaders who share the groups point of view.

10 Common Good Helpful for all citizens as a group.

11 Civic Responsibilities of the People of the U.S. People must obey the law. People must pay taxes. People should vote. People should volunteer in the community.

12 American Democracy – Main Ideas Copy this on the back of your EQ Page AMERICAN DEMOCRACY Constitutional Democracy Representative Democracy executive, legislative, judicial branches Checks and balances among branches

13 Place on back of your Vocabulary page

14 Legislative Branch Judicial Branch President and Cabinet also includes Vice-President Enforces or carries out the law Congress Senate(50 members) and House of Representatives (435members) Interprets the Laws Makes the Laws United States Government Executive Branch Supreme Court 9 Judges led by Chief Justice

15 United states government The Constitution created a government of three equal branches, or parts. The Constitution is the plan and set of rules for our government. The three branches are: LEGISLATIVE ExecutiveEXTIVE JUDICIAL

16 The Executive Branch The president, or Chief Executive, is the head of the government. After elected to serve his/her country, the president lives and works in the White House. The president is in charge of the armed forces.

17 The legislative branch Congress has two parts: The Constitution created Congress. Senate and The House of Representatives.

18 The senate There are 100 senators. Each state has two senators. A Senator is in office for 6 years. This is called a “ term. ”

19 The house of representatives There are 435 representatives. The more people that live in a state, the more representatives it has. Representatives serve for a term of two years. They can be elected for more than one term.

20 The Judicial branch The Supreme Court is the highest court is the U. S., and is the system of courts to settle questions about the laws. The nine justices can serve for as long as they live, or wish to retire. Each justice is chosen by the president and approved by the Senate

21 Guided Notes Answers Constitutional Democracy Constitution People representative Laws Local, state, national Local State Education, roads National, Military, Money National. Federal Legislative, executive, Judicial Cabinet Legislative Congress Senate, House of Representatives

22 Guided Notes Answers Supreme Appointed Senate Balance Checks Political Republican, democratic Rights Citizens Constitution, rights Speech Responsibilities Personal,civic Personal Civic, Common Obeys, votes responsibility

23 Lesson #4-Culture Summary-Key Points United States is a constitutional democracy It is also a representative democracy The constitution requires a three branch government Assignment- come up with 3 more key points that you learned about United States government. Complete your summary paragraph

24 Lesson #4 Government Summary Paragraph The United States government is a very strong government. It is a constitutional democracy because the goals of the government are laid out in the Constitution. It is also a representative democracy because its citizens elect people to make laws and decisions for them. The Constitution requires the government to have three branches of government.

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