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The Three Branches of US Government Lesson by: Charlsie Martin.

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2 The Three Branches of US Government Lesson by: Charlsie Martin

3 Fourth Grade SPI’s 4.4.1 Identify the 3 branches of federal and state governments. 4.4.4 Using a chart showing checks and balances, explain how one branch of government can limit the power of others

4 United States Government The Constitution created a government of three equal branches, or parts. Each branch has different powers from another branch but each weighs the same.

5 The Three Government Branches

6 Legislative Branch The Constitution created Congress. Congress has two parts: The Senate and The House of Representatives. Congress meets at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

7 The Legislative Branch: Makes laws Can override a President’s veto of a bill Can fire a president for misconduct Must approve presidential appointments for judges and justices Gives the O.K. on spending money and treaties Can remove judges for misconduct

8 The Senate There are 100 senators. Each state has two senators. A Senator is in office for 6 years. This is called a “term.”

9 The House of Representatives There are 435 representatives. The more people that live in a state, the more representatives it has. Representatives serve for a term of two years.

10 The Executive Branch The president, or Chief Executive, is the head of the government. Americans vote every four years for their leader using the Electoral College system. The president lives and works in the White House.

11 The President: carries out or enforces the laws. is in charge of the armed forces or military. works with leaders of other countries. vetoes bills Congress passes if he thinks they are wrong appoints judges writes the budget

12 The Judicial Branch: includes the Supreme Court and 9 Justices. interprets laws that Congress makes or decisions that the President makes. decides what is wrong or right according to the constitution

13 Supreme Court The Supreme Court is located in Washington, D. C.

14 BRAIN POP VIDEO Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Government Quiz

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