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The Constitution of the United States

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1 The Constitution of the United States
Document that tells basic rules and explains rights of a US citizen Written 200 years ago Written to unite all the 13 colonies

2 Constitution 57 men helped write it in 1787
Ratified by the states in 1788 It has 7 sections called Articles telling how the government works

3 The Bill of Rights First 10 amendments
It guaranteed certain freedoms and rights Added after the Constitution Freedom of Speech Freedom of Religion Freedom to Assemble

4 Amendments Amendments change the Constitution
2/3 of both the Senate and House of Representatives must approve 3/4 of all states must approve

5 Federal Government Federal government deals with matters that affect the whole country Defense Transportation Postal Delivery Federal Taxes

6 Three Separate Branches
Each branch has power to check the others

7 Federal Government Executive Branch
Executive: Power to carry out laws The President is head of the Executive Branch Commander in Chief of nation’s army Elected to a four year term Approves the laws that congress makes Proposed national budget Can veto a bill

8 Federal Government Legislative Branch
Legislative Branch has the power to make laws House of Representatives Number according to state’s population Representative must live in the state they represent 25 years or older US Citizen for 7 years Elected to 2 year term Senate Each state has 2 Senators must live in the state they represent 30 years or older Citizen of the U.S. for 9 years Elected to 6 year term

9 Federal Government Judicial Branch
Judicial: Power to interpret laws Judicial Branch applies national laws Make up of the court system Highest is the Supreme Court - appointed for life terms Lowest levels are Justice of Peace Gets its powers from Article III of the Constitution

10 What is a Citizen? Two kinds of citizens Native-born citizens
Born here Children of American citizens born while visiting other countries Naturalized citizens Have to be at least 18 From other countries Lived here 5 years to qualify 3 years if they’re married to an American citizen

11 Citizen’s Rights Countries protect their citizens and give them rights
Naturalized and Native-born citizens have the same rights, except one Naturalized citizens can’t run for president Citizens can vote Freedom of Religion Freedom of Speech Freedom of the Press

12 Citizen’s Responsibilities
Duty to obey the law Vote in elections To pay taxes If the country is at war, citizens may be called to serve in the armed forces Serve on a jury if called

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