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 Adjectives and Adverbs Learn how to describe nouns and verbs!

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1  Adjectives and Adverbs Learn how to describe nouns and verbs!

2 Adjectives Adjectives are used to describe nouns (people, places, and objects).  The band was so energetic, people stayed all night. Since energetic describes the band, it’s an adjective.  Ages are adjectives because they describe people, animals, or plants.  The eight-year-old sang The National Anthem.  The articles a, an, and the are adjective.  They took the kids to school. Since the modifies kids, it’s an adjective  Colors are always adjectives.  They bought a green car. Since green describes the car, it’s an adjective.

3 Capitalizing Adjective  If an adjective originates from a proper noun, then it should be capitalized.  French fries, Christian literature, Renaissance man, Victorian women  Directional and seasonal adjectives are not normally capitalized unless they are in a title.  The northwest trail offers great views of the city.  The fall leaves are beautiful in Shenandoah National Park.

4 Punctuating Adjectives  If you can put an and or but between the adjectives, separate them with a comma.  The tall, distinguished politician tripped on stage. Since you can say the tall and distinguished politician, use a comma.  I live in an old, refurbished house. Since you can say I live in an old but refurbished house, use a comma.

5 More Examples If saying and or but between the adjectives sounds awkward, don’t use one. She has a big black dog. Since it sounds awkward to say big and black dog, do not use a comma. This seems tricky. Take your time and read each sentence aloud. If and or but fits, use a comma.

6 Adverbs  Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.  Adverbs often end in –ly.  Adverbs answer questions such as how? To what extend? In what way? When? Where?  Carefully lift the box.  I often run.  Crabs walk sideways.  She is always late.  He is downstairs.  The band was very late.  They are too tired to study.

7 Adverb Placement  Adverbs can be placed anywhere in the sentence.  It has not rained lately.  Lately, I have been been reading more books.  He hardly ever goes to the movies.  She went to the movies today.  They are recovering slowly.  He was running slowly to avoid injury.  She left yesterday, but will return today.

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