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Focus On Grammar Book 2, 5th edition

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1 Focus On Grammar Book 2, 5th edition
Lesson 6: Adjectives / Noun Modifiers Adverbs Too/Enough/Very/A Lot Of

2 6.1 - Adjectives Before a noun After a stative verb
Seem, smell, look, sound, etc. (same as BE) ORDER OF ADJECTIVES Same level or type? Needs commas, any order Different level or type? Strict Order, no commas Apparently, you don’t need to know this now.

3 6.1 – Adjectives (endings)
Some end in –ed Some end in –ing Some have both endings ARE NEVER PLURAL (unlike Español) Adverbs modify adjectives (very, extremely, etc.)

4 6.1 – Adjectives (one) Pronoun One for one Ones for many

5 6.2 – Noun Modifiers Use a noun as an adjective Maybe use a gerund
Dog food Maybe use a gerund Surfing contest No plurals in these adjectives! I have five dollars.  I have a five dollar bill. He is five years old  He is a five year old boy. Maybe combine them into one word. Maybe use a possessive.

6 6.3 - Adverbs Tell about Add –ly to the adjective form (usually)
Verbs (whole sentences?) Adjectives Other adverbs (very, extremely, etc.) Add –ly to the adjective form (usually) Good vs. Well Hard vs. Hardly Late vs. Lately

7 6.4 Adjective vs. Adverb Adjectives describe Nouns Adverbs describe…
Use adjectives with stative verbs He looks handsome. He looks intently out the window.

8 6.5 – Too and Enough Too  a problem  Enough  good 
They ate too much food. (non-count) They ate too many grapes. (plural) He was too tall for the car. (too ADJ) She ate too quickly. Enough  good  Not enough  a problem 

9 6.5 – Too and Enough TOO Enough Before adjectives and adverbs
With Much/Many before nouns Or, at the end of a sentence (adverbial) Enough Before nouns, After adjectives, and adverbs

10 6.6 – Too / Very / A Lot Of Too / Too Much / Too Many = problem 
A lot of / Very = no problem, neutral 

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