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PowerPoint Unit The How To Do’s in the PowerPoint Program.

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1 PowerPoint Unit The How To Do’s in the PowerPoint Program

2 Basic Set-Up Similar to Microsoft Word Tabs (10 tabs across top of screen) Each tab has ribbons that show a variety of groups 7 X 7 Rule (General Rule) Slides should not have paragraphs No more than 7 words per line No more than 7 lines per slide

3 Home Tab Home Tab has 6 groups. Each with specific tasks: Clipboard Cut, Copy, Paste Features Slides Insert new slide Select Layout Reset & Section Font Editing Text Paragraph Manipulating Text, Bullets, Lists Drawing Insert, manipulate, and add effects to shapes

4 Insert Tab Insert New Slides & Tables Images (Pictures) Variety of choices Illustrations Insert shapes SmartArt Charts Links Add Hyperlinks & Action Buttons Text Add Text Box, Header/Footer & WordArt

5 Design Tab Selection of Themes Note down arrow on side give more selections Allows customizing background & slides

6 Transition Tab Preview PowerPoint Ways for slides to enter screen Note down arrows on side More options Allows for timing of slide Automatic or mouse click

7 Animation Tab Adds special effects to items (Pictures & Clip Art) Advanced Animations may be added Animations may be timed

8 Slide Show Tab Start Slide Show Start at first Stop and start again at current slide Set Up Rehearse Record

9 Review Tab Proofing Spell Check Research & Thesaurus Comments Allows for comments Compare Collaboration with others

10 View Tab Presentation Views Normal, Outline, Slide Sorter, Note Page, Reading Master Views Slide Handout Notes Show Ruler, Gridlines, Notes Zoom Color/Grayscale

11 Format Tab Insert Shapes Note down arrow Shape Styles Adjust Fill Outline Shape Adjust Shape Effects WordArt Styles Arrange Adjust Pictures to words are in front or behind

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