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Learning PowerPoint Starting and Customizing a PowerPoint Slide Show.

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2 Learning PowerPoint Starting and Customizing a PowerPoint Slide Show

3 For some of the answers on the listening guide you will need to actually go to the area in question in PowerPoint and click on what the question is asking you to do in order to answer the question.

4 The PowerPoint Window Ribbon – Located near the top and is the control center in PowerPoint Tabs Pane – Consists of a Slides tab and an Outline tab Slide Pane – The current slide is viewed in this pane Notes Pane – Used by presenter to add notes about slide

5 PowerPoint Views Normal View – Slides Tab Thumbnail or miniature view of slides. – Outline Tab Rearrange lists, paragraphs, and individual slides. Slide Sorter View – View of all slides Slide Show View – View slide on entire screen

6 Slides Placeholders – Boxes that automatically display when you create a slide. All slide except the Blank slide layout will have a placeholder. Text and Content Areas – Surrounded by dotted outline. – Number of areas depend on the slide layout selected.

7 Choosing a Document Template Blank Presentation (Default) – Use the blank design (Office Theme) to concentrate on the words and message before adding color and design. Document Theme (Design) – Provides consistency in design and color throughout entire presentation.

8 Creating a Title Slide Title Slide Layout (default) – Presentation Title – Presentation Subtitle

9 Creating a Bulleted Slide Click on New Slide in the Slides group on the Home tab Select Title and Content Layout Increase and Decrease List Level through Paragraph group on the Home tab OR Tab to increase; Shift Tab to decrease Change Bullet Style through Paragraph group on the Home tab

10 Creating Additional Slides Click on New Slide in the Slides group on the Home tab Select a Layout Change the slide layout through Layout in Slides group Reset a slide Delete a slide

11 Text Attributes Font Group on the Home tab and in Font Dialog Box – Color Light color text on dark background. Dark color text on light background. Readability when projected. – Effects found under More Button Strike Through, superscript, subscript, All Caps, Small Caps, Double Strike Through, & Equalize Character – Style Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic.

12 Text Attributes (continued) Font – Maximum of two font styles or effects in a slide show. – Ease of viewing. – Uniformity in capitalization and grammar. – Same font style throughout presentation. Size – Height of character. Point is 1/72 of an inch.

13 Text Boxes Insert tab, Text group, Text Box Text Box – Pointer will change to crosshair. – Draw box. – Drag sizing handles to correct size. – Drag and drop to desired location. – Format with font, font size, and font style.

14 Adding Shapes Insert tab, Illustrations group – Shapes – SmartArt – Charts Insert tab, Text group – Header & Footer – WordArt – Symbol – Object

15 Graphics and More Insert tab, Images group – Picture – Online Pictures Should enhance the slide. – Photo Album Insert tab, Media Group – Video – Audio

16 Sound To make a song play through more than 1 slide do the following – Insert Tab/Media Group/Audio – Click on the down arrow & select Audio from file then select sound you want – Choose Audio Tools/Playback/Audio Options – Select start then select “Play Across Slides” – Now select Loop Until Stopped

17 Animation Animations tab – Visual effects applied to text or content. Each line can appear in a variety of ways as it displays on screen. Object can exit in a variety of ways. Animations tab, Advanced Animations group – Animation Pane Use a variety of entrances, emphasis, exit, and motion paths to enhance slide show.

18 How to Add Animation Select Online Pictures, Shape, or Text to be animated. Under Advanced Animation group select Animation Pane Select down arrow on Add Animation Choose an Entrance, Emphasis, Exit or Motion Path animation

19 Transition Transition tab, Transition to This Slide group – Used to progress from one slide to another. – Add sound and select speed of transition. – Maximum of two different transitions in one presentation.

20 Transitions Timing On the Transitions Tab, Timing Group Duration: This allows you to set the speed of the transition. – Fast 01.00 – Medium 02.00 – Slow 03.00 – Very Slow 04.00 Set each slide separately.

21 Play the Slide Show Automatically On the Transition Tab, Timing Group Under Advance Slide Uncheck the “On Mouse Click” Check “After” Select time Set slides separately

22 Hyperlink and Action Insert tab, Links group, HyperlinkHyperlink – Connection from a slide to another slide, a custom show, a Web page, or a file. – Can be text or an object such as a picture, graph, shape, or WordArt. Insert tab, Links group, Action ButtonAction Button – Add an action to the selected object.

23 Hyperlinks Insert Tab Hyperlink place in this document Pick the slide Create an action button to take us back to slide 18

24 Action Buttons Insert tab, Illustrations group, Shapes – Ready-made button that you can insert into your presentation and define hyperlinks. Select button from Action Buttons menu. Draw button. Drag sizing handles to correct size. Drag and drop to desired location. Select appropriate action for button.

25 Running a Presentation Slide Show tab, Start Slide Show group, From Beginning OR F5 – Computer acts like a slide projector. – Slide is displayed on a full screen. – Can start from current slide. – Can be run manually or timed. End on Black Slide

26 Printing a Presentation File, Print – Under Settings – Click on Full Page Slides Slides, Handouts, Note Pages, Outline View – Click on Color Color, Grayscale, Pure Black and White

27 Headers/Footers Found on Insert Tab and Text Group May also edit them under File/Print

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