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Absolutism Day 113 – Semester 2.

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1 Absolutism Day 113 – Semester 2

2 Bellwork Honors: Define Militant and use in a sentence.
Regular: Write Roman numerals 1-20.

3 Economic and Social Crisis
Inflation Due to great influx of gold and silver from the Americas Growing population increased the demand for land and food; drove up prices for both Other issues in Spain Mines produced less silver Fleets attacked by pirates Loss of Muslim and Jewish artisans and merchants Social issues Warfare Plague famine

4 Witchcraft Trials Common people were most often accused (those without property and poor) 75% accused were women; most were singled or widowed and over 50. By 1650 people began to find it unreasonable to believe in old view of a world haunted by evil spirits

5 30 Years War One of the “last religious wars”
Also politically and territorially motivated Began in the Holy Roman empire Struggle between the Catholics (Hapsburgs) and the Protestants (Bohemian nobles) Soon Denmark, Sweden, France, and Spain entered Most battles fought on German soil English did not become involved

6 30 Years War (cont) Peace of Westphalia: officially ended the war
Stated that all German states could determine their own religion Brought an end to the Holy Roman Empire as a political entity. Major contenders gained new territories; France emerged as dominate nation in Europe

7 Revolutions in England
Struggle between king and Parliament James I of England, Stuart dynasty, new ruler Divine right of kings: kings received power from God and are responsible only to God. Parliament wanted to rule together Religion Puritans did not like to king’s strong defense of the Church of England; wanted church to be more Protestant

8 Revolutions in England (cont)
Under Charles I Parliament passed a petition that prohibited the passing of any taxes without Parliament’s consent Charles did not like the limits it put on his power Wanted more rituals in the Church of England; Puritans left for America Civil War Cavaliers (Royalist/king supporters) vs. Roundheads (parliamentary forces)

9 Oliver Cromwell Led New Model Army (Roundheads)
Victorious over the Royalist Takes control of England Sets up a commonwealth (republic) Finds Parliament difficult to work with and disperses Parliament Sets up a military dictatorship

10 Cromwell (cont) Executed (beheaded) King Charles I Revolutionary idea
Ruled until his death

11 Restoration Restore the monarchy and Charles II takes the throne
Charles allowed Parliament to keep power James II takes the throne (Catholic) Parliament rebels

12 Glorious Revolution William of Orange and his wife Mary invade England
James II flees England “Bloodless revolution” Set up the English Bill of Rights, limits power of the monarchs

13 Honors Assignment France Spain England Government Religion Conflicts

14 Regular Assignment Make a timeline of Chapter 21 – Section 2
Workbook 21-2

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