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Ch. 8 Sec. 1 Review - Organizing the new government - The Whiskey Rebellion.

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1 Ch. 8 Sec. 1 Review - Organizing the new government - The Whiskey Rebellion



4 U.S. History Chapter 8 Section 2

5 French Revolution - fight for equality in France - peasants paid high taxes and nobles paid none - many Americans supported the French since they had been our allies - however, things soon turned very violent and some Americans changed their minds

6 - other nations feared that revolutions like this would spread all over Europe so they sent troops to stop the French - President Washington wanted to remain neutral - the Neutrality Proclamation said that we would remain neutral and we could not help either side in any way

7 Jays Treaty - both sides still seized American ships - Chief Justice John Jay went to Britain to work out a treaty - Britain would pay damages for the ships it seized and America would pay off its old debts from before the Revolution - Britain also would give up its forts in the Ohio River valley - many were upset because they thought the U.S. was giving up more than Britain


9 War in the West - settlers kept moving onto Indian lands in the West - there were many battles - a large Indian army led by Little Turtle defeated part of the U.S. army - the President sent in another army to defeat the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers

10 Treaty of Greenville - later, 11 Indian nations signed the Treaty of Greenville which said: –They would give up the southern half of Ohio –They would receive $20,000 –They would receive more money if they kept the peace

11 Bye, Bye George - in 1796, George Washington announced his retirement - he published his Farewell Address which said: –1) remain neutral in wars of other countries –2) avoid becoming involved with the affairs of other countries –3) avoid political parties

12 U.S. History Chapter 8 Section 3


14 The First Political Parties - Federalists - Led by Hamilton Wealthy and well educated should lead the nation Strong central government Emphasis on mfg., shipping, and trade Loose interpretation of Constitution Pro-British Favored national bank Favored protective tariff - Republicans - Led by Jefferson People should have political power Strong state governments Emphasis on agriculture Strict interpretation of the Constitution Pro-French Opposed national bank Opposed protective tariff

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