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Foreign Policy and Washington’s Farewell

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1 Foreign Policy and Washington’s Farewell
Focus Question: How did foreign policy challenges affect political debate and shape American government?

2 Million $$$ Question: Should US support the French vs. Britain?

3 French Revolution (1789) Reaction
Democratic-Republicans supported France Federalists- support Britain – the French are crazy! Washington: uphold treaty with France? This risks going to war with Britain & hurting the US economy George Washington issues Proclamation of neutrality - the country is too new to get involved in a war NEUTRAL: The US does not support either side

4 Fighting with Native Americans
There are British forts in American territory (west) The British trade fur with Native Americans ($$) They encourage Indians to resist American expansion west - give Indians guns!

5 Battles with Native Americans
Miami Confederacy (Indians) led by Little Turtle defeated US forces in two battles ( ) Little Turtle is a great Indian leader who is able to unite many tribes against the US Battle of Fallen Timbers The Miami Confederacy force of 2,000 warriors was defeated in 40 minutes by US forces on August 20, 1794. *Treaty of Greenville signed: Native American leaders give Ohio to U.S. - The Northwest Territory is open for settlement!

6 "Charge of the Dragoons at Fallen Timbers," painted by R. T
"Charge of the Dragoons at Fallen Timbers," painted by R.T. Zogbaum, ca

7 Treaty of Greenville Ohio territory sold for $20,000 + annual payment of $10,000

8 Jay’s Treaty John Jay negotiates this treaty with Britain
Britain will give control of the NW Territory to the US BUT Britain will be allowed to continue the fur trade so don’t have to leave **Many Americans aren’t happy About this treaty, but it avoids war With Britain

9 Pinckney’s Treaty, 1795 Treaty with Spain
Why is this important for the US? Treaty with Spain Gave all land east of the Mississippi River (except Florida) to the US US citizens were allowed to use the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans Great for trade!!! Modern day New Orleans port area


11 George Washington warned of the harmful effect of political parties during his 1796 Farewell Address: “It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another; foments [incites] occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption…”

12 George Washington’s Farewell Address Advice
Avoid political divisions into parties Avoid alliances with other countries Do not get involved in European affairs.

13 RECAP: Washington’s Achievements
Defeating the Indians Opening Western Lands for Settlement Keeping the U.S. out of War with Britain Great Foreign Trade ($$) Stopped the Whiskey Rebellion BUT Also deep divide between political parties!

14 Notes Quiz – Open Note Who was Jay’s Treaty negotiated with
What were the major terms of Pinckney’s Treaty? 3. List 2 things Washington warns about in his farewell address.

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