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100 200 300 400 500 Absolutism Enlightenment French Revolution VocabMisc IMisc. II Final Question.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 Absolutism Enlightenment French Revolution VocabMisc IMisc. II Final Question

3 Define Divine Right A 100

4 The idea that the right of a person to rule came from god A 100

5 I am the Sun King of France, a shining example of the ultimate Absolute Ruler… who am I? A 200

6 Louis XIV A 200

7 I grew tired of the Absolute Ruler in my nation so I lead the Roundheads and Parliament in a successful revolt. My rules for behavior werent exactly appreciated by my country men. A 300

8 Oliver Cromwell A 300

9 What are 2 conditions that tend to destroy the power of a nation under an absolute ruler? A 400

10 Unproductive and expensive wars Weak heirs Overspending and lavish lifestyles A 400

11 What does this quote mean and who said it? During the time when men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called war… in such condition, there is no place for industry… no arts; no letters; no society; and, which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death. And the life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. A 500

12 Thomas Hobbes Without an absolute ruler human beings will fight each other and society will fall apart A 500

13 Which philosopher believed Every man is born with natural rights and has the right to overthrow their government if they feel it is unjust B 100

14 -John Locke B 100

15 Which philosopher believed individuals should serve the General Will and suppress their own desires also that as a society we create a social contract to maintain order B 200

16 -Rousseau B 200

17 Which philosopher believed information and education should be spread to the average person B 300

18 Denis Diderot B 300

19 Which philosopher believed Everyone should have the power of free speech and religion? B 400

20 Voltaire

21 Which philosopher believed that powers in government should be separated? B 500

22 Baron de Montesquie B 500

23 Which 3 groups made up the estates general and why would someone argue representation was unfair? C 100

24 Nobles, Clergy, Everyone Else 3 rd estate was 97% of the population but could be overruled by the other 2 estates C 100

25 What was the basis of the French diet for the average person and how did it contribute to the FR? C 200

26 -Bread, shortage (winter and bad harvests) lead to starvation and high prices driving the people to desperation. -They saw the monarchy continuing to live extravagantly. C 200

27 This legislative group was created by the 3 rd estate when they took the Tennis Court Oath, they then force Louis XVI to share power with them. C 300

28 National Assembly C 300

29 What was the reign of terror? C 400

30 A period of time during the revolution where the committee on public safety took over control of France And thousands of people were executed if it was thought they didnt support the revolution C 400

31 This document claimed that all people in France are equal and class distinctions no longer exist C 500

32 -Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen C 500

33 Define Assembly D 100

34 A group that makes laws; or a gathering of a political social group D 100

35 Define Directory D 200

36 The backlash against the reign of terror D 200

37 Congress of Vienna D 300

38 Attempted to restore unity to Europe after banishing Napoleon D 300

39 Napoleonic Code D 400

40 A law code that ensured equality before the law, religious toleration, and advancement based on merit but also reduce womens rights as it valued order and authority over individual rights D 400

41 What are the 3 essential elements of Absolutism? D 500

42 Divine right, no checks and balances, one ruler with control over all aspects of government

43 Define The Enlightenment E 100

44 Movement where scientists and philosophers studied human behavior and attempted to solve the problems in society using reason E 100

45 Why did both France and Spain regret forcing minority groups out of their country? E 200

46 These minority groups were the generators Of wealth E 200

47 What was the Levee? E 300

48 Elaborate ritual performed by French nobility at Versailles to gain favor with the King E 300

49 What was the Edict of Nantes? E 400

50 -Gave protestants the right to practice their religion in France even through France was Catholic E 400

51 Why was Robespierres leadership during the reign of terror ironic? E 500

52 He had previously argued that the death penalty should not exist E 500

53 Who was Marat? F 100

54 Professional malcontent who called for the executions of thousands of French people he believed didnt support the revolution F 100

55 Why did the French people storm the Bastille? F 200

56 They need gunpowder and it is a symbol of the abuses of the monarchy F 200

57 How did Napoleon change France? F 300

58 He essentially undermines the revolution and crowns himself emperor He expands their boarders and takes over many new territories F 300

59 How did Napoleon affect the US? F 400

60 He sold the US the Louisiana purchase greatly expanding our territory F 400

61 What happens at Waterloo? F 500

62 Napoleon is defeated and exiled a 2 nd time, he does not return F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: LIE Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

64 Click on screen to continue Captions reads: The plumb pudding in danger: the globe itself is too small to satisfy such insatiable appetites.

65 -Various Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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