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Patten & Valdner Global History Regents Review

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1 Patten & Valdner Global History Regents Review

2 Causes of the Revolution
French Revolution Causes of the Revolution

3 Social Cause of Revolution
Split into uneven social classes: 1st Estate 2nd Estate 3rd Estate

4 Economic Cause of Revolution
France in debt Deficit spending by Louis XIV Bad Harvests

5 Political Causes of Revolution
King had absolute power & became corrupt People wanted freedom

6 Enlightenment Ideals of life, liberty & equality
Inspired by American Revolution

7 Key Events of the French Revolution

8 Estates General King Louis XVI needed money
The three estates were called to a vote on raising taxes 3rd Estate was out voted

9 Tennis Court Oath The 3rd Estate (peasant & Bougeoisie) met to set up a new government

10 Storming of the Bastille
Members of the 3rd Estate stormed the prison (a symbol of the Old Regime)

11 Declaration of Rights of Man
A document guaranteeing French citizens their natural rights (Locke) France set up a new government Limited monarchy Limited the King’s power

12 Committee of Public Safety (Reign of Terror)
Led by Robespierre Using the guillotine they killed 400,000 “enemies of the Revolution” Including the King & Robespierre

13 5-Man Directory Moderate government set up to restore order after the Reign of Terror Inefficient

14 Napoleon Seized power in a coup d’etat Set up public schools
Fair taxes Napoleonic Codes Laws that guaranteed natural rights & equality

15 Defeat of Napoleon Got greedy & tried to take over too much land (Russia) Defeated by scorched earth policy & Russian winter Defeated at Waterloo by England, Swedan, Prussia, & Russia

16 Congress of Vienna Return Europe to the political system (Monarchy) that existed BEFORE the days of the French Revolution and Napoleon “Turn back the hands of Time”


18 Effects of the French Revolution
Democratic ideals throughout Europe - People wanted liberty Nationalism (feeling of national pride) Latin America Independence Movements

19 Latin American Revolutions

20 Revolutions Inspired American Revolution French Revolution

21 Causes of Latin American Revolutions

22 Causes of Revolutions Political
Natives has no freedom or power in government Social Rigid Social Classes Economic Colonies were angry because they were being exploited by Mercantilism

23 Toussaint L’Ovuerture
Haiti Led an uprising against France (mother country) Was successful

24 Simon Bolivar The “Liberator”
Wanted independence for South America from Spain Was successful

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