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Game Board 300 Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Talkin bout a Revolution Constitution To bill or not to bill?: New Nation Go West Young Man Causes of Civil.

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3 Game Board 300 Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Talkin bout a Revolution Constitution To bill or not to bill?: New Nation Go West Young Man Causes of Civil War Civil War

4 Talkin bout a Revolution, 100 What is the name of the document written by Thomas Paine that included this quote? :But Britain is a parent country, say some. Then the more shame upon her conduct. Answer: Common Sense

5 Talkin bout a Revolution, 200 Which document states thatGovernments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Answer:The Declaration of Independence

6 Talkin bout a Revolution, 300 Answer: life,liberty According to the Declaration of Independence, everyone has the right to _______ __________ and the pursuit of happiness.

7 Talkin bout a Revolution, 400 This act was a crucial turning point in the Revolutionary War because it affected regular folks, not just merchants and politicians. It required people to pay a tax on marriage licenses, playing cards, legal contracts, and most other printed materials. Answer: The Stamp Act

8 Talkin bout a Revolution, 500 What is the name of the statement- forbidding colonists from settling in lands won from the French in the French and Indian War? Answer: The Proclamation of 1763

9 Talkin bout a Revolution, 600 Answer: Baron de Montesquieu This political theorist believed that legislative, executive, and judicial powers should be divided among three separate branches of government to prevent individuals or groups from getting too much power.

10 Constitution: To bill or not to bill?:, 100 This was one of the American documents signed in 1620 that American leaders could use as a model of self- government ? Answer:The Mayflower Compact

11 Constitution: To bill or not to bill?:, 200 Answer: The population of each state The delegates at the Constitutional Convention compromised by making representation in the House of Representatives based on this

12 Constitution: To bill or not to bill?:, 300 This is the name of the group that did not want to ratify the constitution because it did not guarantee citizens basic rights and freedoms Answer:Anti-Federalists

13 Constitution: To bill or not to bill?:, 400 This Amendment reserves rights to the states Answer: Amendment 10

14 Constitution: To bill or not to bill?:, 500 This branch of government can declare war Answer: Legislative Branch (Congress)

15 Constitution: To bill or not to bill?:, 600 These are two ways the Congress can check the power of the President Answer: Override a veto, impeach,

16 New Nation, 100 Answer:The Sedition Act This Act violated the Constitution because it interfered with the freedom of speech

17 New Nation, 200 The Alien and Sedition Acts were designed to weaken this political party. Answer: The Republican Party

18 New Nation, 300 This political party led by Thomas Jefferson believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and emphasized agriculture Answer: The Republican Party

19 New Nation, 400 He was the President during the Whiskey Rebellion that believed if the farmers in the Whiskey Rebellion were allowed to ignore the laws without being punished, then the United States government would eventually collapse Answer: George Washington

20 New Nation, 500 This was the main reason that the US established protective tariffs Answer: To promote US industry

21 New Nation, 600 Printers are educated in the belief that when men differ in opinion, both sides ought equally to have the advantage of being heard by the public. --Benjamin Franklin, 1731 This quotation expressed Franklins point of view that the freedom of this is important in society Answer: free press

22 Foreign Policy, 100 Observe good faith and justice toward all nations…Nothing is more essential than that permanent, [habitual hatred] against particular nations and passionate attachments for others should be excluded. -George Washingtons Farewell Address Washington is trying to convey the importance of remaining ______ in relations with other countries Answer: neutral

23 Foreign Policy, 200 Thomas Jefferson said: England has become a den of pirates and France has become a den of thieves because France was confiscating US ships and England was doing this to U.S. sailors Answer: impressing

24 Foreign Policy, 300 This American general gained recognition in the War of 1812 after winning the Battle of New Orleans? Answer: Andrew Jackson

25 Foreign Policy, 400 This act permitted the United States to trade with all nations except Britain and France? Answer:Nonintercourse Act

26 Foreign Policy, 500 In which of the following documents would the following quote be found? The American continents…are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers…we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety. Answer: Monroe Doctrine

27 Foreign Policy, 600 Explain why New Englanders met at the Hartford Convention in December of 1814 Answer: To protest the war of 1812 because they thought that the British blockade hurt their trade

28 Go West Young Man, 100 This agreement that gave the United States a strip of land that completed its expansion across the continent was called the Answer: Gadsden Purchase

29 Go West Young Man, 200 The idea that the Unites States should expand westward to the Pacific Ocean was called this. Answer: Manifest Destiny

30 Go West Young Man, 300 This leader of the Mormons chose the Great Salt Lake valley as the new home for the Mormons because of its isolation from persecution Answer: Brigham Young

31 Go West Young Man, 400 This president won the election of 1844 in large part because he favored national expansion. Answer: James Polk

32 Go West Young Man, 500 Answer: Fifty-four forty or fight! The border dispute with Britain over Oregon was expressed by this slogan

33 Go West Young Man, 600 The Louisiana Territory was purchased from this country for this $ amount during this year Answer: France, 15 million, 1803

34 Causes of Civil War, 100 This abolitionist was an escaped slave and later became a publisher of the North Star, an antislavery newspaper Answer: Frederick Douglass

35 Causes of Civil War, 200 Slavery might have declined in the South before the Civil War if it had not been for the invention of this ? Answer: cotton gin

36 Causes of Civil War, 300 Answer: It enjoyed a warm and rainy climate. What made the South better suited than the Northeast for growing cotton and rice on plantations?

37 Causes of Civil War, 400 Answer: The Kansas-Nebraska Act A vote among residents in the territories would decide whether a state allowed slavery best describes this Act of Congress prior to the Civil War

38 Causes of Civil War, 500 Answer: Like the biblical Moses, she led many people out of slavery and into freedom This is why was Harriet Tubman known as the Moses of her people

39 Causes of Civil War, 600 Answer: Slaves were not U.S. citizens and did not have rights like the right to file a lawsuit. The Supreme Court came up with this ruling in the Dred Scott case.

40 Civil War, 100 Answer: Robert E. Lee He was the commanding general of the Confederate forces

41 Civil War, 200 Answer: Fort Sumter This firing of canons on April 9, 1861 marked the beginning of the Civil War

42 Civil War, 300 Answer:Jefferson Davis This is the name of the President of the Confederacy

43 Civil War, 400 Answer: Fifteenth Amendment This constitutional amendment gave men of all races the right to vote, no matter their race, color, or previous condition of servitude?

44 Civil War, 500 Answer: General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant. What scene happened at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865?

45 Civil War, 600 Answer: Continue the war until victory is achieved "It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion." -Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 1863 What message about the war is Lincoln conveying in this quote?

46 Game Board 300 Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Talkin bout a Revolution Constitution To bill or not to bill?: New Nation Go West Young Man Causes of Civil War Civil War

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