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Nine out of ten colonists…. Lived on small family farms.

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1 Nine out of ten colonists…. Lived on small family farms

2 Africans came to America as…. Slaves

3 “taxation without representation” Phrase used to oppose British taxes

4 The Boston Massacre was….. A riot between colonist and British troops.

5 George Washington Was chosen to command the Continental Army

6 The purpose of the Olive Branch Petition was….. Make peace with King George

7 Why was the Declaration of Independence written? To explain why the colonies should separate from Britain

8 The Declaration of Independence states…. We all have the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

9 The main American strength when the American Revolution began was… An able leader in George Washington

10 The victory at Trenton… Showed that Americans could beat the British

11 African Americans joined the Continental Army to…. Fight for the end of slavery

12 Who joined the American cause after the Battle of Saratoga? France

13 The Treaty of Paris… Ended the war and gave America all land lying east of the Mississippi River

14 The Virginia and New Jersey plans…. Called for three branches of government

15 Federalists were…. Supporters of the Constitution

16 The main job of the legislative branch is to… Make laws

17 A bill becomes a law after…. It’s approved by Congress and signed by the president

18 The most important task of the executive branch is to… Enforce and carry out federal laws

19 The judicial branch is responsible for Resolving disputes under the law

20 Andrew Jackson’s election in 1828 depended on support from The common people

21 Which group was most hurt by Jackson’s removal policy? Native Americans

22 What was Manifest destiny? The belief that the US had the right to expand across North America

23 What was the main effect of the cotton gin? Cotton became the south’s main crop

24 The Industrial Revolution began with… A shift from handmade to machine- made goods

25 By 1850 the cheapest was to move goods in the north was By railroad

26 Most goods in the south moved by river

27 “invisible churches” Brought joy and comfort to slaves

28 Missouri’s application for statehood raised the issue of whether slavery Should be allowed in the Louisiana Territory

29 When the Civil War began the south’s strength was… It’s military leadership

30 Hopes of a quick Union victory ended with The Battle of Bull Run

31 Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation declared All slaves in the Confederate states to be free

32 The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the war because Lee lost so many troops

33 The Union gained control of the Mississippi after The fall of Vicksburg

34 The terms of surrender were designed to End the war without causing suffering or hatred

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