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2 Choose a category. Answer the question. Click to begin.

3 Click here for Final Jeopardy

4 Civil War Political Parties West 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points PresidentsGeneral

5 What did social reformers want to do?

6 Reform (improve) society End slavery Get voting rights for women

7 How does a bill become law?

8 Congress (HOR and Senate) vote yes with 50% The president approves or disapproves If he disapproves, the Congress can override the veto with a 2/3 vote

9 When does the Supreme Court hear a case?

10 After a law already exists, a person who disagrees with whether a law follows the Constitution can request a court case. The person can keep the case moving up through the courts, and then the Supreme Court can agree to hear the case.

11 What happens if all three branches agree to a very unfair law?

12 The law exists until the people elect a new government who changes it

13 Does the government always follow the Constitution?

14 not necessarily – Alien and Sedition Acts, Japanese internment, Guantanamo Bay prison

15 Who fought the Civil War?

16 Northern states (Union) versus Southern states (Confederacy)

17 When did it start?

18 Lincoln’s election in 1861

19 What was the disagreement over the tariff?

20 South didn’t want a tax on foreign trade because it traded goods with England

21 What was the South’s perspective on the war?

22 They were defending states’ rights

23 What was the Northern perspective on the cause of the war?

24 The North was defending the country, and then later fighting for the freedom of the slaves

25 What were three major decisions that Jefferson made?

26 Ordered Louisiana Purchase Kept some Federalists in gov Stopped all trade with the Embargo Act Kept National Bank No rights for women and slaves

27 What was the Whiskey Rebellion and what did Washington decide to do about it?

28 Tax on whiskey was protested in PA. Washington sent soldiers to disperse the rebellion and enforce the tax law Congress made.

29 Keeping the National Bank and using the federal government to outlaw trade was against Jefferson’s ideology before his presidency. True or False?

30 True

31 What accomplishments did Washington make?

32 Set many precedents that followed the Constitution. Created Judicial Branch. Supported BOR and National Bank. Passed Jay’s Treaty to get England off US land (but did not address ships). Spoke against political parties. Ignored personal attacks.

33 Name one controversy from Jefferson’s presidency and one from Washington’s.

34 Jefferson – Louisiana Purchase, Embargo Act, no rights for women and slaves, Barbary Pirates Washington – Bill of Rights, Jay’s Treaty, criticisms about being king, making the bank, Whiskey Rebellion

35 Which leader and party supported agriculture? Why?

36 Jefferson and Democratic- Republicans To support common people and the states rights.

37 What political party did Jefferson lead? What was their biggest belief?

38 Democratic- Republicans, state- rights

39 What was the War of 1812?

40 England v. US over rights of American sailors, Britain arming NAs on US border US won but there were no major changes

41 Which leader and which party wanted more national taxes and why?

42 Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton To strengthen the country after the failure of the Articles of Confederation that gave states rights

43 Which party promoted industry and trade, and how did they do this?

44 Federalist who passed a protective tarriff (a tax on imports that helped Northern industry)

45 How did the U.S. gain a large piece of the Southwest including California, Arizona and New Mexico?

46 The Mexican Cession, where Mexico sold the land extremely cheaply to the U.S. after losing the Mexican War

47 Where was the Louisiana Purchase and how much bigger did the Louisiana Purchase make the US?

48 Middle of the country, doubled the size of the US

49 Name two examples of when white settlers moved west.

50 Louisiana Purchase/Lewis and Clark Oregon Trail Gold Rush

51 What was Westward Expansion?

52 A period when the US took over land up to the Pacific Oceans that Native Americans lived on.

53 How did Native Americans respond to Westward Expansion?

54 Protested both militarily and politically

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