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“H&I” Terms “J,K&L” Terms “M” Terms “N” Terms “O&P” Terms “R&S” Terms $100 $200 $300 $400 $500.

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3 “H&I” Terms “J,K&L” Terms “M” Terms “N” Terms “O&P” Terms “R&S” Terms $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

4 Person who goes to another country to live

5 Immigrant

6 Bringing water to dry lands in order to grow plants

7 Irrigation

8 Practice of forcing people into military service. This was a major cause that led us into the War of 1812.

9 Impressment

10 A person who agrees to work without wages for a period of time in exchange for passage to the Colonies.

11 Indentured Servant

12 Gathering of New England delegates during the War of 1812 to protest the war by threatening to secede from the Union.

13 Hartford Convention

14 Act of publishing a statement that may unjustly damage a persons reputation.

15 Libel

16 Idea that government should play as little role as possible in business.

17 Laissez Faire

18 Young women who worked in the Lowell Mills in Massachusetts during the Industrial Revolution.

19 Lowell Girls

20 Laws that were designed to separate people of different races in public places in the South.

21 Jim Crow Laws

22 An 1854 law that established the territories of Kansas and Nebraska and giving settlers there the right of Popular Sovereignty to decide on the issue of slavery

23 Kansas-Nebraska Act

24 Soldier who fights for pay for a foreign country.

25 Mercenary

26 English document that said Kings and Queens had to obey the law and people had basic rights

27 Magna Charta

28 Foreign policy document that said European countries had to stay out of the Western Hemisphere.

29 Monroe Doctrine

30 Belief that America should spread across the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

31 Manifest Destiny

32 1819 Supreme Court case that said states had no right to interfere with federal institutions within their borders.

33 McCulloch v Maryland

34 Pride or devotion in ones country.

35 Nationalism

36 A natural waterway through or across North America.

37 Northwest Passage

38 Law that allowed Americans to carry on trade with all countries except England and France.

39 Nonintercourse Act

40 A 1793 statement by Washington that said the US would not get involved in European wars.

41 Neutrality Act

42 The act passed by South Carolina that declared the 1832 tariff illegal and said that if they felt a law was unconstitutional then they did not have to obey it.

43 Nullification Act

44 A formal written request.

45 Petition

46 An act or decision that sets an example for others to follow.

47 Precedent

48 A tax required before a person could vote.

49 Poll Tax

50 A principle of the Constitution that the people have the right to create, alter or abolish their government.

51 Popular Sovereignty

52 A movement to reform the Catholic Church in the 1500’s that led to the creation of many different churches.

53 Protestant Reformation

54 To approve

55 Ratify

56 Loyalty to ones area in a country.

57 Sectionalism

58 Person who rents a plot of land and farms in in exchange for a share of the crop.

59 Sharecropper

60 Practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs.

61 Spoils System

62 An 1848 meeting at which leaders of the women’s rights movement called for equal rights for women.

63 Seneca Falls Convention

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