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J E OPA R D Y Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

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2 J E OPA R D Y Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution

3 Directions: Divide the class into Team A and Team B. Then divide the teams into groups of 3-4 students. The first group on Team A chooses a category and an amount from slide 3. When the group agrees on an appropriate “question” to ask in response to the statement, one student asks the question. Other team members can whisper an answer to the group, but if the answer is heard by the teacher before the group is ready to give an answer, the team loses their turn and the play goes to Team B. Teams have 45 seconds to formulate a correct “question” to the statement. If correct, the team wins the dollar amount. If incorrect, they receive no “money.” Play then goes to Team B. Play continues until all category amounts have been chosen. The team with the most money wins.

4 Revolu- tionary War U.S. Constitution Declaration of Indepen- dence Bill of Rights Vocabu- lary 300 500 400 100 300 100 200 100 300 200 300 400 500 400 500 400 100 200 100 300 200 500 400 200

5 Colonists had to buy a British stamp for every piece of printed paper, such as playing cards, newspapers and licenses.

6 What was the Stamp Tax (Act)? 100

7 Colonists dressed up like Indians, climbed on a ship in the Boston harbor, and threw English tea into the ocean.

8 What was the Boston Tea Party? 200

9 He started the Sons of Liberty, helped brew up the Boston Tea Party, and wrote letters to the Committees of Correspondence groups in other colonies.

10 Who was Samuel Adams? 300

11 This American victory became a turning point in the Revolutionary War.

12 What was the Battle of Saratoga? 400

13 He was the British general who surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown, Virginia, ending the Revolutionary War.

14 Who was Cornwallis? 500

15 This man wrote the Declaration of Independence.

16 Who was Thomas Jefferson? 100

17 According to the Declaration of Independence, all people have been given these three basic rights by their Creator.

18 What is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? 200

19 The Declaration of Independence was signed by the men who attended this Congress.

20 What was the Second Continental Congress? 300

21 He was the president of the Congress that signed the Declaration of Independence.

22 Who was John Hancock? 400

23 According to the Declaration of Independence, all rightful governments must have this. If governments don’t have this, then people have a duty to throw off such a government.

24 What is the “consent of the governed”? 500

25 This document called for less power for the states and more power for the central government.

26 What was the Constitution? 100

27 This document called for a weak central government and strong states.

28 What were the Articles of Confederation? 200

29 These three branches of government were established by the Constitution so they could check and balance each other.

30 What are the executive, legislative and judicial branches? 300

31 This compromise allowed states to count some of their slaves as part of the state’s population.

32 What was the 3/5’s Compromise? 400

33 Roger Sherman came up with a plan calling for a lower house with representatives based on a state’s population, and an upper house comprised of two senators from each state, no matter its population.

34 What was the Great Compromise? 500

35 These became known as the Bill of Rights.

36 What were the 1 st 10 Amendments? 100

37 This group of people felt the Constitution didn’t need a Bill of Rights added to it.

38 Who were the Federalists? 200

39 He wrote the Bill of Rights.

40 Who was James Madison? 300

41 This Amendment guarantees individual liberties, including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

42 What is guaranteed in the 1 st Amendment? 400

43 This Amendment assures that the power of the national government will be limited.

44 What is the Tenth Amendment? 500

45 This word means to approve.

46 What is ratification (ratify)? 100

47 This word means that something is not permitted by the Constitution.

48 What does “unconstitutional” mean? 200

49 This means a system in which each branch of government can limit the other.

50 What are checks and balances? 300

51 This means to ask a higher court to review a decision.

52 What is an “appeal”? 400

53 This means to bring up charges of wrongdoing.

54 What is impeachment? 500



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