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The Crusades.

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1 The Crusades

2 The pope called on Christian Crusaders to invade the Holy Land.
The Big Idea The pope called on Christian Crusaders to invade the Holy Land. Despite some initial success, the later Crusades failed. The Crusades changed Europe forever.

3 The Crusades Begin Christian and Muslim cultures fought over control of the holy land. These wars were called Crusades - were a series of wars between Christians and Muslims

4 Muslims Turks Took control of Palestine and Jerusalem, part of the Holy Land Attacked Christian pilgrims Began to raid the Byzantine Empire Byzantine emperor asked the Pope for help

5 A Call to Arms Pope Urban II called on Christians to help retake holy land Told Kings stop fighting each other and unite 1000s of men joined Popes army Pope had approved the killing of all Muslims

6 Sewed crosses onto clothing
The word crusade comes from the Latin word for “marked with a cross.” Armies set out to Constantinople


8 First Crusade Many died on the way
Successful, recaptured Jerusalem and other cities Divided land into four crusader states

9 Later Crusades Fail Muslims began retaking land
European Kings planned more crusades, but they failed Poorly planned By 1291, Muslim armies had retaken the Holy Land

10 Fourth Crusade Forgot crusade objective Led by French knights Needed money Agreed to attack Christian cities, and Constantinople for payment Weakened Byzantine empire


12 Effects of the Crusades
Trade increased between Europe and Asia Sparked the interest to travel new lands Kings and nobles increased their power because many had died Rising Christian hatred of Jews Jews began to distrust Christians Christian & Muslim relationship changed, each viewed each other as a threat

13 Activities Clip: Crusades
Worksheet: The medieval Church in pictographs Crusaders map Worksheet DBQ: Jews and the crusades Video the crusades Bumper sticker for your horse Read from book


15 Activity: Pretend you are Christian knight on your way to a crusade. Make a bumper sticker for your horse

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